VR 4.10.1866
In Willistown, Chester Co., on the morning of the 27the ult.  After a
lingering illness, which he bore with christian resignation, Joseph D.
, aged 51 years. Gone, but not forgotten.

On the 5th of the 1st month, 1864, at the residence of his parents, MICHAEL
and MARY SMITH, in Kennett Township, GEORGE SMITH aged 38 years.

March 7, 1821 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage  In West Chester, on the 1st of March, by John Graves, Esq. Mr. William HAGGERTY, to Miss Margaret NACE, both of New Garden.

December 31, 1823 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage At Friends'Meeting, Radnor, on fifth day the 26th inst. John LEEDOM, to Susannah M. STEEL, both of Delaware County.

 March 24, 1824 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On the 18th inst., by Wm. Everhart, Esq. Mr. Samuel LEEDOM, of Delaware county, to Miss Eliza STEELE, of Chester County.

 April 5, 1826 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On Tuesday, the 21st inst. by the Rev. Thos. B. Montanye, Enos MORRIS, Esq. of Newtown, to Mrs. Ann LEEDOM, of Northampton.

 December 14, 1831 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On the 8th inst. by B.W. Richards, Esq. MAYOR of the City of Philadelphia, Mr. JOHN W. DAVIS, of Easttown, Chester County, to Miss Margaretta STEELE, of Radnor, Delaware County.

December 23, 1835 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage In Philadelphia, on the 19th ult. by John Swift, Mayor, Mr. Jesse Leedom. of East Goshen, Chester County, to Miss Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, of Newtown, Delaware County.

 March 12, 1839 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage At Friends'Meeting, in this borough, on Fourth-day, the 6th inst. JasperHOOPES, to Hannah HOOPES, both of West Goshen.

 March 17, 1840 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On the 12th inst. in Philadelphia, by John Swift, Mayor, Benedict LEEDOM, of Chester county, to Sarah Ann JONES, of Lower Merion, Montgomery county.

February 20, 1849 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On the 15th instant, at White Hall, Market street, near Eighth, Philadelphia, by Alderman Thompson, Mr. William LEEDOM, to Miss Hannah

April 6, 1825 VILLAGE RECORD DIED, In Thornbury, (not Westtown) on the evening of the 21st of 3d month JOSHUA HOOPES, aged 88 years and 7 months: the eldest of the name of Hoopes in this country. At Downingtown, on the evening of the 11th of the same, MARY HOOPES, grand daughter of the above: aged between 3 and 4 years. In Sadsbury, on the 25th of the same, FRANCIS W. HOOPES, grand son of the above Joshua; aged near thirty years (not 40 as stated) He has left a widow and three small children. As instance of longevity are occasionlly noticed; the following may not be uninteresting.      Daniel Hoopes grand father of the above named Joshua Hoopes, was married in 1696. The issue of that marriage was seventeen children; nine of whose ages averaged more than 84 years...Daniel when a boy came into this country with his father Joshua Hoopes, in company with William Penn. Joshua took an active part in the government; it also appears that Daniel was a member of the Legislature in the years 1708-0...From Daniel are descended all the Hoopes' of America

. October 19, 1825 VILLAGE RECORD DIED - In Tuscarora Valley, Pennsylvania, on the 26th of September last, ISRAEL HOOPES, late of Chester county, aged upwards of 69 years, the son of George Hoopes, late of Goshen township, who was the Grandson of the old Daniel Hoopes, who came to settle here with the Honorable WM. PENN, the first of the Hoopes known in the United States.

February 16, 1831 VILLAGE RECORD Death Notice In Kennett township, Chester County, on the 10th inst. HANNAH HOOPES, relict of Henry Hoopes. She was advanced in years - and a valued Minister of the Society of Friends.

March 12, 1844 VILLAGE RECORD Death Notice Near West Chester, on the evening of the 6th inst., HANNAH HOOPES, wife of Jasper Hoopes, in the 28th year of her age.

November 12, 1850 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On the 7th inst., by Friends ceremony, WILLIAM P. SHARPLESS to SARAH LEEDOM, both of Philadelphia

. February 10, 1852 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage  On Sunday evening, Feb. 1st, by the Rev. Mr. Brown, WILLIAM STEEL, to MARY McAFFE, both of Easttown township, Chester county.

February 28, 1854 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage At White Hall Hotel, Philadelphia, on Thursday, Feb. 16th, by the Hon. Charles Gilpin, Mayor, ENOCH LEEDOM, Esq., of East Goshen, Chester county, to MARY PENNELL, of Upper Chichester, Delaware county, Pa

January 2, 1866 VILLAGE RECORD Marriage On the 21st ult., by Friends'ceremony, at the residence of the bride father, J. LEEDOM WORRALL, of Tredyffrin, to SALLIE W. THOMAS, daughter of Charles Thomas, of the same place.

January 1, 1839
Marriage In West Chester, by Rev. J.J. Graff, on the 30th ult. Dr. JOHN
L , both of Hartford county, Maryland

November 9, 1869
Marriage STEPHENS - RADCLIFF - On the 4th of November, at the residence of
the brides uncle, William Brooks, at Tamaqua, Pa., by Rev. J.  O'Neill ,
Dr. WILLIAM OSMONDE STEPHENS, of Toughkenamon, Pa., to Mrs. MARY OSMONDE RADCLIFF, of Augusta, Georgia.

November 21, 1868
Marriage  O'NEILL  - CHILDS - On the 12th inst., by Rev. J.H. Dubbs, at
the residence of the brideparents, Mr. JOHN F. O'NEIL, to Miss SARAH JANE
daughter of Mr. Charles H. Childs, all of Pottsgrove township.

October 20, 1868
Death Notice  O'NEILL  - In Willistown, on the 13th of September, at
the residence of her son-in-law, J. Bishop, Mrs. SARAH << O'NEILL>> ,
relict of the late Francis << O'Neill>> , of Chester county, in the 85th
year of her age.

November 6, 1866
Marriage On the 29th of October, by Rev. James Trickett, Mr. EDWARD
, of West Chester, to Miss ANNA MARGARET REECE, of Parkerville,
Chester county.

March 7, 1865
Marriage In Conshohocken, on the 2d inst., by Rev. John << O'Neill>> , Mr.
SLATER C. THOMAS, to Miss LAVINIA BROOKE, daughter of Mr. John L. Brooke,
all of Tredyffrin, this county.

April 4, 1865
Marriage In Conshohocken, Pa., on the 18th inst., by Rev. John << O'Neill>>
, Mr. LEVI BAKER, of Concord, Delaware county, to Miss MARY A. DEARR, of
the former place

February 28, 1865
Marriage In Conshohocken, on the evening of the 18th ult., by Rev. John <<
O'Neill>> , Mr. JOHN LUDIWCK, to Miss ELLEN R. ORTLIP, both of East
Vincent, Chester county, Pa.

January 10, 1865
Marriage On the 27th ult., in Conshohocken, Pa., by Rev. John << O'Neill>>
, Mr. JAMES SLOAN, of Phoenixville, Pa., to Miss LIZZIE MONTGOMERY, of

January 4, 1862
Marriage On the 26th ult., by Rev. John << O'Neill>> , Mr. CHARLES HARLAN,
of Philadelphia, to Miss REBECCA R. TROEK, eldest daughter of Henry Troek,
of Charlestown.

April 30, 1861
Marriage On the 25th inst., at the residence of the bride father, by Rev.
John  O'Neill , Mr. GEORGE B. ROBERTS, of Tredyffrin, to Miss ELIZABETH
, eldest daughter of Mr. David Ahn, of  Charlestown.

September 8, 1857
Marriage On the 3d inst., by Rev. John << O'Neill>> , Mr. WILLIAM L.
of East Goshen, Chester county, to Miss ANNA MARY, daughter of
Mr. Lewis Tryer,
of Lenni, Delaware county, Pa.

November 20, 1855
Marriage On the 1st inst., by Rev. S.R. Gillingham, Rev. JOHN << O'NEILL>>
, of the Philadelphia M.E. Conference, to Miss MARY ELIZABETH BROOKE,
daughter of Mr. Alexander Brooke, of Radnor,
Delaware county county.

June 29, 1825
Marriage On the 17th inst. by the Rev. John S. Jenkins, Mr. CHARLES
  of Tredyffrin, to Miss MARIA DEMPSEY, daughter of Mr. James
Dempsey, of Willistown township, all of Chester county.

September 28, 1825
Marriage Also, on the 15th instant, Mr. ISAAC JAMES, to Miss ELIZABETH
, both of Westtown township, Chester County.

V 14 May 1823.

     Departed this life on the 6th inst. After an illness
of nearly 3 months continuance, to the issue of which he
frequently expressed the most perfect resignation, Joseph
Heald, in the 47th year of his age, leaving a widow and
ten children to lament their loss.
     To eulogize our departed friends improperly would be
reprehensible, but in the present instance it may be truly
said, the prominent traits of his character were justice,
tenderness and benevolence; in him were blended with the
happiest effect, the Parent, Friends, Neighbour.

Joshua T. Heald
Dead at the Age of Sixty-six years

     Joshua Taylor Heald, the senior member of the firm
Heald and Co., bankers and real estate brokers, died at
his residence, No. 503 Delaware avenue, Wilmington, Del.,
at 6 o'clock on Friday morning of typhoid fever.  Mr.
Heald had been in ill health for the past two years, and
during that time had been under the care of Dr. H. J.
Stubbs, his family physician.  On Tuesday of last week
he began making preparations for a lengthened vacation. 
And it is thought that the effort to arrange his
business affairs in such shape as would admit his
absence he over extended himself and thus brought on
the fever which resulted in his death.  Tuesday evening
he was taken sick, and the family physician was called
in.  On Sunday the malady seemed to increase, and from
that time until the final moment there was little hope
of recovery.  His death was quiet and peaceful.
     Joshua Taylor Heald was born May 26, 1921, in Mill
Creek Hundred, New Castle county, near the northern
circular boundary of the State.  The Pennsylvania-
Delaware branch of the Heald family descended from
William and Jane Heald, of Moberly, Cheshire, England. 
Their son, Samuel Heald, and his wife, Mary Bancroft
Heald, emigrated to America shortly after William
Penn's second visit to Pennsylvania.  They settled in
Chester county, Pa., and their descendants are now
scattered from Delaware to California.  The coat-of-
arms of James Heald, of Parwood, Didsbury, near
Manchester, England, comprised an emblematic device
with a Latin motto, signifying "The Cross is Our
Glory."  The immediate ancestors of Mr. Heald were
members of the Society of Friends, as were most of
their predecessors.  For several generations they
were farmers, residing in Chester county, Pa.  Joseph,
the son of Samuel, the emigrant, was the father of
Jacob, who was the grandfather of Joshua T. Heald.
     Joshua Taylor Heald, the subject of this sketch,
was the youngest of eleven children.  He remained
upon the old homestead until he was between 12 and
13 years of age, when an accidental stroke from a
knife, while cutting Indian corn, lamed him for life
and wrought a radical change in his career.  His
capacity for severe physical labor being impaired, it
was sought by a superior education to fit him for
other pursuits; and accordingly he was sent to an
academy near Philadelphia, and subsequently to another
in West Chester, Pa.  Before he was 17 years old he
taught school in Chester county, Pa. and came to
Wilmington in 1838, to take the post of bookkeeper
in the manufacturing establishment of Betts, Pusey
& Harlan, then just beginning, now extensively known
as the Harlan and Hollingsworth Company.  In this
capacity he soon exhibited quick aptitude and
proficiency of that tireless energy, executive force
and broad comprehension for which his subsequent
career has been noted.  With a view to engaging in
business for himself, Mr. Heald, in 1843, left his
position with the firm Betts, Harlan & Hollingsworth. 
In the same year he joined E. A. Wilson in the book
and stationery business, and the firm of Wilson &
Heald soon took the leading position in the city in
that branch of trade.  In 1844 Mr. Heald was married
to Hannah, youngest daughter of Jonas Pusey, Esq., of
Wilmington.  Mr. Heald continued in the book business
under the name of Wilson & Heald, under his own name
alone, and as a member of the firm of Boughman, Thomas
& Co. until 1867 during which year he made a tour
through Europe.

Village Record 7 April 1863

Timothy Paxson, a very estimable citizen of Sadsbury township, Chester
county, committed suicide on the morning of the 28th ult. under the
influence of a nervous disease which had affected his mind.  His age was
about 63 years.

Village Record 7 April 1863
In Sadsbury township, on the 28th of March, 1863, Timothy Paxson, in the
63d year of his age.