The original township of Coventry doubtless
received its name from Samuel Nutt, an early settler,
who came from Coventry, in Warwickshire, England.  The
first list of settlers in these parts is from the
assessment of 1718, as follows:


                         s. d.
Israel Robinson 0 6 3
John Sinclair 0 2 6
John Rumford 0 2 6
Thomas Miller 0 6 3
Richard Duncley 0 3 9
*Johannes Wolf Miller 0 2 1
*Andro Secler 0 2 1
*Mathias Ringer 0 2 1
*Merdin Verner 0 4 4
*Rodle ffrie 0 2 6
Marcus Overhult 0 3 9
*Jacob Stagger 0 1 10
John Oburne 0 1 3
Henry Castle 0 3 9
Hubert Castle 0 2 6
*Johannes Kolb 0 6 3
Henry Bouchells 0 2 6
Jacob Bouchells 0 3 3
Henry Parker 0 3 3
Edward Smout 0 1 10
*Abraham Longeger 0 1 10
John Rutter 0 2 6
Garret Prompter 0 7 6
Simon Meredith 0 3 9
David Evans et
James Pugh 0 8 9
William Phillips 0 2 6
Owen Roberts 0 12 6
John Blare 0 4 0

Non-resident Lands.

James Logan, 1000 a 0 12 6
Jonathan Gwyn, 1000 a 0 12 6
David Powell, 1000 a 0 12 6
Thos. Callowhill, 500 a 0 6 3
*Crossed off in the record.


  In 1719, Skoolkill District contained the same
names (except Jacob Stagger), and also Philip Rogers,
William Hiddings, Edward Thomas, Richard and John
Persalls, and David Roberts.

   These assessments covered the northern part of the
county, but in 1720 an attempt was made to divide the
district as between Coventry and Nantmeal (see
Nantmeal); and under the head of Inhabitants upon
Skoolkill above the French Creek we find Peter Hose
and others already given on page 41.

   In 1722 the district was called Scoolkil, and
there were twenty-seven taxables.  In 1724 we first
find the name of  Coventry, and the following

   Samuell Nutt, Mordecay Lincoln, gorge Dandison, The
Forge, Rd Dean, Israel Robinson, ffracis Huss, Henry
Bell, John Sinkler, John Rumford, Thomas Miller,
Richard Dunklin, Wolfe Miller, John Sickler, Frederick
Long, Martyn Vrner, John Vrner, Henry Landes, John
Meilin, Vbirick Langaker, Hans Swichhser, Jacob
Overholt, Peter Hoofley, Hans Milin, Jacob Milin,
Daniell Eaches, Marcus Overholt, Jacob Steger,
Johannes Coff, Henry Castle, Johannes Hapert, Henry
Buckholt, Jacob Bucholt, Margarett Parker, John

  The name of Miller seems to have become Millard, or
the first may not have been the correct spelling.
Martin Urner obtained a patent, July 10, 1718, for a
tract on Schuylkill, the most of which was sold by his
executors, in 1759, to Jacob Switzer, who sold it to
Martin Urner, nephew of the former, from whom it
passed to Jonas Urner, who devised the homestead, of
264 acres, to Rudolph Stauffer in 1811.  John Rumford
obtained title to 200 acres on the river in 1715, and
sold it in 1728 to Thomas Rees or Rice.  Subsequent
owners were Samuel Whitacre, John Banfield, Philip
John, Thomas Godfrey, and Thomas Pratt. 

  Hans George Shultz and Matthias Ringer obtained 500
acres, Jan. 20, 1718, which were afterwards divided
between Matthias Ringer, Hans Wolfmiller, and Andrew
Sickler.  Wolfmiller sold his part, 169 acres, in
1749, to John Wells, to whose widow, Susanna, and
children a patent was granted in 1761.  Edmund and
Samuel Wells, two of the children, became the owners
in 1783.  In 1826, Jonas Umstead bought the property
for $3869.78, and in 1830 it passed into possession of
Abraham Wanger, whose son George succeeded him in
1861.  James Pugh obtained a patent, Nov. 4, 1713, for
700 acres on French Creek, and on May 23, 1721, sold
300 acres thereof to Samuel Nutt, the iron-master, who
had built a forge on this or adjacent land.

  In 1841 the township was divided into North Coventry
and South Coventry, and in 1844 East Coventry was
formed by a division of North Coventry.  In the latter
year the line between South Coventry and East Vincent
was established, as it was supposed to have been
originally run.


   John Luellin, John Souder, Martin Orner, Christian
Browers, Marks Overholts, Andrew Huts, Stephen Smith,
Elizabeth Engers, Nicolas Keller (miller), Samuel
Overholts, John Mainshow, Michael Sink, George Titlo,
Jacob Bach, John Stoner, on Schuylkill, Casper Engel,
Uley Rynhart, Henry Brower, Andrew Mefferd, Mary Ash,
Adam Ash, John Mace (?), Mary Grub, Abraham Grub,
Joseph Burneston, John Willson, Samuel Himelry, Hugh
Hugh, Peter Wanger, Lenard Funkrufe, John Grub, Jacob
Morrin, Charles Rilles, Joseph Postler, Matthias
Switzer, Benjamin Thomas, Michael Rees, Justis
Linderman, George Craft, Samuel Crebill, Paul Ceiser,
Michal Hulderman, Jacob Grofe, Peter Imsweiler, John
Stoner, John Imhoofe, Adam Morria, John Owen, James
Ingles, Albertes Arroin, John Paul and Jacob
Longinacor (non-residents), Thomas Millard, Christian
Barry, Jacob Thomas, Anna Nutt and Robert Grace (forge
Comp.), James Erbuckle, Henry Bear, John Brower, John
Wells, John Swaner, John Switzer, Christopher
Holderman, Cartrout Shy, Henry Shinkell, and John his
inmate, Peter Engels, Wm. Martin, Mary Richard, Jacob
Hok, Frederick Borten, Jacob Uptegrave, Richard
Butler, James Born, Jacob Kerkeiser, Peter Hingels,
Patrick Collings, Enoch Flower, Andrew Parks, Minicus
Riddle, George Grimm.

Freemen.  Peter Lookenbill, Richard Vorham, Jacob
Switzer, Christopher Hick, Rynard Cunsuhouser, John
Kent, Vandel Tumfilsor, Henry Fisher, Stephen Bower,
Daniel Pener, Henry Pener.


   James Arbuckle, Jacob Acker, John Acker, Peter
Amole, Abraham Brower, Jacob Brower, Henry Brower,
Henry Brower, Jr., Daniel Brower, Henry Banner, John
Bowe, Henry Beer, Joseph Brooks, Daniel Beery, Peter
Crumbaker, Adam Deam, Godfrey Dowenhauer, George
Ditlow, John Davis, James English, Owen Evans, Conrad
Grim, George Grouse, Anna Grubb, Abraham Grubb, Henry
Grubb, John Highter, Rennard Gunsenhauser, Thomas
Hockley, John High, Michael Halderman, Nicholas
Herwick, Stopher Halderman, John Imhoff, Allan Jack,
Jacob Kittingher, Jacob Keringer, Jacob Light, Jacob
Longacre, Justus Linderman, Mary Keiser, Nicholas
Keller, Nicholas Miller, Villdy Miller, Tobias Miller,
Peter Mower, Martin Ornen, James Hockley & Potts,
William Plaine, Christian Reiff, Robert Milhouse,
Simon Meredy (Meredith), Abraham Moore, Jonathan Pugh,
John Pugh, John Rinnard, Frederick Rinhard, Bastian
Ruff, John Smith, Michael Swick, Abraham Sliver,
Conrad Snither, Frederick Scholl, John Sowder, Ulrich
Swither, John Switzer, Jacob Steger, John Varley,
Martin Wofe, Susanah Wells, Jacob Fetterling, Jonas
Rodrough, Richard Custard, Jacob Thomas, Henry
Schenkel, Eve Brower, Jacob Row, Jacob Livegood,
Daniel Engle, Michael Smith, David Grubb, Frederick
Huck, Rees John, Rudolph Sheneman, John Holsenberger,
Ludwick Stophel, and Nicholas Munshower.