Welsh Land Purchasers in Goshen 1681

John ap Thomas of Llaithgwm, Commott of Pennllyn in the County of Merioneth, and Edward Jones, of Bals in the said county, purchased from Wm Penn 5000 acres in PA, Sept. 16 and 17, 1681..  They were, however, agents or trustees for themselves and others, as shown by the following paper...(this was in the area of Goshen, listed in the original survey as being for the Welsh.)

''An account of  ffriends in Penllyn " who bought land in Pennsylvania

  • John Tho

  • Hugh Robt

  • Edw Jones

  • Robt Davie

  • Evan Rees

  • Jonn Edd

  • Edd Owen

  • Will. Edd

  • Edd Rees

  • Will Jones

  • Tho. Rich<

  • Rees John Wm

  • Tho. Lloyd

  • Cadd. Morgan

  • John Watkin

  • Hugh John

  • Gainor Robt

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