A Map Showing Some of the Former Landholders around
Old Kennet Meeting
Chester Co, Pa. Prepared by Gilbert Cope 1910
(BX77800 .K4A5 1910)

Baily, Joel 228 a
Baily, Joel 200 a
Baily, Joel 200 a
Baldwin, Francis
Bonsall, Obediah
Bennett, James
Brinton, James
Brinton, James
Bennett, Jacob 150
Bennett, Joseph 162
Brown, George
Brown, Robt. 150
Caldwell, Betty 200
Carleton, Thos. 289
Chandler, Thoms. & Swithin
Clark, Gabl.
Clayton, Eliz.
Cloud, Jeremiah 250
Cloud, Jeremiah &
Mordecai 527 acres (survey to Peter Blan)
Cloud, Jno.   70
Cloud, Jno.
Cloud, Mordecai 326 a
Cloud, Mordecai 250
Cloud, William
Cooper. Wm. 100 a
Coprock, Bartholomew 338 a
Craig, Walter of Enoch Passmore
Culberson, Widow
Dean, William 124 a
Dickey, George
Dixon, Enoch 112 a
Dixon, Jos. in Kennett (formerly Mary Rowland)
Dixon, Jos.
Eachus, Enoch
Evans, Aaron
Evans, Aaron
Eves, Jno. 200 a surveyed to Chas. Holdman
Fisher, Wm. 118 1/4
Fraizer, Moses
Fred, Benj. 200 a
Fred, Jno.   50 a
Gordon, Harry (formerly Silas Pryor)
Gregg, Michael
Gregg, Jos
Hackney, Jos. Heirs of 155 2/4
Harlan, George
Harlan, Joseph
Harlan, Joshua
Harlan, Saml. 177 a
Harlan, Thomas 300 a
Harris, Evan 430 as
Harry, Amos
Harry, Hugh 150 a
Harvey, James
Harvey, Wm.
Hayes, _ _my 100 a
H[?]eald, Jno. (!)
Helme, Israel
Hicklin, Thomas 160
Hollingsworth, James
Hollingsworth, Thos. 150
Jackson, Thomas 500
Key, Moses 500 a see old deed agen written
Lashley, Geo,   75 a
Levis, Saml. & Wm. 515 as (Taken up by Jos. Pennock)
Lewis, Ellis 546 a
Lewis, Ellis 176 a
(Lewis, Ellis)   20 a Silas Pryor sold E.L.
(Lewis. Ellis)
Marshall, Abraham 450 acres
Marshall. William
Mendenhall, Benj.
Mendenhall, Caleb
Mendenhall, Isaac
Mendenhall, Isaac
Mendenhall, Isaac 200 a purchased of Aaron Evans
Mendenhall, Stephen
Mercer, Danl.
Mercer, Jos. 250
Mercer, Thomas 250
Miller, George 258 Kennett Square
Miller, Jesse 250
Musgrave, Aaron
Musgrave, Joseph 171 1/2
Newlin, Nathaniel 400 a
Nichols, Jno.
Parker, Jno. now belonging to ye meeting
Parker, Jno. now belongs to Concord Meeting
Packer, Jno.   90
Packer, Jno. 110
Peirce, Joshua 200
Peirce, Josa. 109 Saml. Pyle sold Josa. Peirce in Marlborough
Pemberton, Israel
Pemberton, Israel 112 a
Pennock, Joseph 500 (later Wm. Pennock)
Pyle, Jno. & son 280 a
Richardson, Jno. 400 as
Ring, Natl.
Sambourn, Jno. 170  [could be Lambourn]
Simonson, Henry
Swayne, Francis 165 Formerly Geo. Hall
Taylor, Abm.
Taylor, Benj.
Taylor, Isaac 200 a
Taylor, J.   50 a Bot of Ruth Harlan
Taylor, Jer. 150 a with y 50 of R.H.
Taylor, Jos. 158
Taylor, Josiah   47 a
Taylor, Rich. 252 a
Temple, Thos. 190 a
Temple, Wm.
Thatcher, Richard 100 a & 39 a
Vernon, Thomas 415 a
Way, Jacob
Way, Robt. (Formerly Silas Pryor)
Way, John
Webb, Danl. 200 (Old Kennett Meeting)
Webb, James
Webb, Wm. Bot. of J. Fisher
Webb, Wm. 300 a purchased of Saml. Pyle
Webb, Wm. Junr. 205 Hamorton [?]
White, William
Wickersham. Thomas 280 a
Wickersham, Thomas 400
Wiley, Allen late 112
Wiley, Wm.
Yarnall, Abraham

100 a Bot. of Ruth Harlan

This map was made up from three older maps of different periods, none of
which represented conditions at a given time.  The larger part was taken
from a draft of Kennett Township made before division into Kennett and
Pennsbury, in 1770.  That part representing East Marlborough is from a much
older draft in possession of Wm. Marshall Swayme, made perhaps about
1730.  Gilbert Cope