William Penn, on the 22nd and the 23rd of March, 1681, by deed of leave and release, granted to Nicholas Moore, James Claypool, Philip Ford, William Sharloe, Edward Pierce, John Simcock, Thomas Bracey, Thomas Barker and Edward Brooks in trust for the Free Society of Traders in Pennsylvania, 20,000 acres of land and lots in Philadelphia.

On the 20th of 7th Mo, 1688, by virtue of a warrant form the commissioner of property dated 1st of 4th Mo 1688, there was surveyed and laid out unto Benjamin Chambers, president of the said Free Society of Traders, for the use of said society, 7100 acres of land in Chester Co - part of the said 20,000 - beginning at a corner post of Benjamin Chambers' land; thence south 800 perches to a corner post of Bland's land; thence WNW 1710 perches to a corner post, NNE by a line of trees, 730 perches; thence ESE by a line of trees, 1403 perches to a place of beginning. Returned, according to the aforesaid survey and bounds, into the proprietary's secretary's office the 23rd of the 8th MO 1699.

On the 10th June, 1724, the Free Society of Traders by its trustees, Charles Read, Job Goodsonn, Evan Owen, George Fitzwater and Joseph Pidgeon, conveyed the above mentioned tract of 7100 acres to Nathaniel Newlin, in consideration of 800 , current money of Pennsylvania. Thus Nathaniel Newlin became the owner of the tract which afterwards constituted the township bearing his name. Nathaniel Newlin, after the purchase of this tract, entered into negotiations for the sale of portions of it, and granted warrants.


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