The township of Brandywine was erected from the northern part of East Caln twp in 1790, and extended northward to the southern line of Springton Manor. It received its name from the stream by the 2 branches of which it was bounded respectively on its east and west sides. It was divided into East and West Brandywine in 1844. In 1853 a small part of the southern end of West Brandywine was taken in the formation of Valley Township, and in 1859 the line between East and West was altered in a part of its course so as to include in West Brandywine a part of East Brandywine. In 1860 West Brandywine was enlarged on the north by a considerable addition to it from the SE corner of Honeybrook and the western part of Wallace. This addition included the Presbyterian church commonly known as Brandywine Manor, which had theretofore been in Honeybrook.

The name Brandywine Manor being borne in common parlance by this church, and there being also a post office of the same name, has given the impression that there was a manor of that name. This, however, was not the case. There never was a manor created by William Penn or his heirs bearing the name of Brandywine. The church above referred to its situation upon lands which formed part of the manor of Springton. This manor embraced the greater part of what is now Wallace Township and also a part of the present township of West Brandywine, and perhaps of other townships. The church above referred to has been ecclesiastically known from the earliest period of its history to the present time as 'The Forks of Brandywine', and being located on manor land, it became popularly known as the 'Manor Church', to which Brandywine, from the name of the church , would naturally be added. It is commonly spoken of, even at present day, by those residing in the vicinage, as the 'Manor Church'.

On the north line of the two townships a survey was made in 1714 for George Claypoole of 1820 acres. South of this, William Branson of Philadelphia held 1275 acres. In 1799 the number of taxables was 193.

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