from CHESTER by John Hill Martin - 1877

This is from THE TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY, Philadelphia 1802

"Chester, the county town, is 15 miles from Philadelphia, and situated between 2 creeks, Chester and Ridley, on the west side of the Delaware. It was incorporated in December, 1795, and is governed by 2 burgesses, one high constable, one town clerk and three assistants. The limits of this Borough extend 2 miles from the shore westward. It contains a Courthouse, a Jail, an Episcopal church, a Friends' meeting house, a market house and a long brick schoolhouse. The first dwelling house in Pennsylvania was built on the site of this town; and the first Colonial Assembly for the Province was convened at this place, on the 4th day of December, 1682. A part of the old wall of the room remains. The bed of the river has been evidently diminished by the marshy lands having been banked and dykes cut, which have converted them into rich and valuable meadows. This town is much resorted to by companies from Philadelphia, in the spring and summer seasons."

Chester is now in Delaware County.

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