Londongrove was organized in 1723 with James Lindley as Constable. The land that encompassed Londongrove had been sold in 1699 by William Penn to a partnership, which formed a company generally known as the London Company, for the improvement of their property. The number of shares eventually sold reached 8800 and the shareholders several hundred. As a part of the 60,000 acres, a survey was made which included nearly all of the present township of Londongrove, the greater part of Franklin (formerly part of New London), and London Britain. That part of Londongrove which lies directly north of New Garden was subsequently added to the former survey, so that the London Company owned, altogether 17,218 acres for which a patent was granted in June of 1718.

In 1866 the line separating Londongrove and West Marlborough from Londonderry was altered and a small part of the NW corner of Londongrove and of the SW corner of West Marlborough were cut off and attached to Londonderry.

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