Schuylkill Township was formed from Charlestown in 1826 and received its name from the river which forms its eastern boundary.

At the time of the Revolution the township was inhabited (among others) by families bearing the names of Anderson, Buzzard, Boyer, Buckwalter, Bodley, Bartholomew, Coates, Coxe, Davis, Dehaven, Each, Fussell, Griffith, James, Kennedy, Longstreth, Maris, Miller, Moore, Roberts, Pennypacker, Rapp, Robinson, Rossiter, Starr, Steward, Schoefeld, Wagoner and Wersler.  Families bearing these surnames yet reside in the township or its neighborhood. *( 1889)

The borough of Phoenixville was formed from the township of Schuylkill and incorporate by decree of court made March 6, 1849.

Moore Hall, in this town, was, 100 years ago, one of the most aristocratic mansions of that day in the county. After the death of the proprietor, William Moore in 1783, the place was advertised for sale or rent, and described as "the elegant seat of the late William Moore, Esq.", near 600 acres; "a very valuable grist-mill", "the river Schuylkill, which bounds the lands for a considerable distance, affords a great shad-fishery during the season", etc.

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