Christman diary  1863

A diary kept by Irene and Alice Christman. It is a one year diary for 1863; however, the sisters dated each entry by year. It appears to me that Alice kept the diary for the first year or two recording mundane events. 
Then it appears Irene took over and used the diary to record deaths and marriages.

This is a literal transcription. Any writing that I am unsure of is designated with a (?). All items in  brackets are originally typed in the diary. All dates are otherwise handwritten in.

Front Page:
Irene Christman
Setlers Stone
Chester Co Pa

Thursday, Jan. 9th 1868.
Isaac Chrisman died.

Wednesday, Jan. 11th 1871
Lizzie Bartolette died.

Friday Jan. 12th 1866.
Alice Jones died.

Thursday Jan, 12th 71
Pappa left for the west.

Wednesday Jan. 17th 1866.
Uncle George Christman 

[Wednesday Jan 21] 74
Emma was married very 
dull and rainy.
Uncle Isaac Stover died. 
Friday evening the 21st 76. 
of Heart disease.

Saturday [January 22] 76
Hattie Rowland died.

Monday Jan 24th 1870.
Squire Willaner died.

Friday Jan 27th. 1865.
Sarah Klopp buried.

Thursday Feb. 3rd 1870.
Jesse Grimes died.

Thursday Feb 6. 1873.
Joseph Dehaven died.

Thursday Feb 13. 1873.
Benjamin D. Miller 
and Pierce started 
for Somerset.

[Sunday, February 15, 1863.]
Mr. Bartalett died

Tuesday Feb. 18. 1873
Mrs. Walter MacFeat 

Monday, Feb. 20th 1865
Lewis M. Shantz died 
about 8 o'clock in the even ing.
Monday Feb 20th 1871.
Ella Miller died about 8  'oclock in the morning.

Wednesday Feb 22nd 1868
Mary Fisher buried.

[Thursday February 26] 74
R. Kolb was buried.

Tuesday Feb 28th 1871.
John Wagonselter (?) died
Saturday, Feb. 28th 1874
Grandma Pennypacker 

[Sunday, March 1] 1864
Quite A deep snow fell
March 1st 74. Grandmother (crossed out)
Pennypacker died. (crossed out) buried on 
the fifth. beautiful day and 
a large funeral.

March 2nd 1864
Rev. Mrs. Shenkle was buried
Thursday March 2nd 1871.
Grandpappa Chrisman 
died about four 'oclock in 
afternoon aged 82 years 9 mo 
and 27 days.

Thursday [March 10] 1864
Madison Brownback 

Saturday Mach [sic] 11. 1863--
We had a grand Exhibition 
in the E.C.U. Meeting House 
very pleasant evening a 
good turn-up & took in 
35$ of which $2 were count-
feit, hard the Scholars 
in $.s. (unsure of last phrase starting with hard)
Saturday March 11. 1871
Eliza J. Stephen's died.
Tuesday, March 11, 1873., 
Mrs. Jacob H. Major died 
very suddenly of heart-

Saturday March 15. 1873.
William Hause died.

Saturday [March 18] 1865
Dis Day I (Alice Chrisman) 
cut my finger very severely.

Do you know this is a very 
windy day. Father 
went to West Chester.

Saturday [March 19] 1864.
Kerry Still buried.

Saturday March 19th 1870
Aunt Betsy Christman 
Wednesday March 19. 1873.
Mrs. David S. Taylor died

Tuesday [March 22] 1864.
Aunt Susie Shantz bur-

Friday, March, 31st 1865.
Kitty Grilbb (?) buried.
March 31st 1866.
Clara Reinhart died.

Monday Apri l4th 1870
Peggy Miller died.

Monday [April 10] 1865.
Mrs. Jno' Baugh died in the 
Morning about 5. o'clock.

Tuesday April 11th 1865
Mrs Eliza Whitby bur-
ied. she died after an 
illness of only a few 

Wednesday March [sic] 11th 1874
Em Pennypacker married

John Baugh Sr buried
Saturday March 14th 1874

[Friday April 17] 1863.
Charles Painter died.

[Monday April 20] (1874 erased)
Lillie Kennedy Robb 
died. aged 25

Saturday. April 22. 1865.
George Baugh died. 
had been to Pugh-
town during the day 
and when going to 
bed fell and was 
taken up a corpse.

[Sunday April 26] 1863.
Grandma Price buried.

[Monday April 27] 1863.
Aunt Sallie Huzzard 

[Tuesday, April 28, 1863.]
David E. Majors & 
Samuel Willaner's bod-
ies brought home from 
Falmouth, been dead 
about three months
Mrs. Henry Fink died.

[Thursday April 30.] 1863.
Thanksgiving -day ap-
pointed by the President.

[Friday, May 1, 1863.]
Commenced planting 
Monday, May 1. 1865.
John Tilton buried.

Sunday May 14th. 1871.
Coz. Harry March died 
about 11'oclock in the morning 
had been very low for about 
three weeks.

[Saturday, May 16, 1863.]
Grandmother Benner 

Saturday May 20th 1871.
David Frick died about 11 'oclock 
at night.

Saturday, May 21st 1870.
Lizzie Brey died.

[Monday, June 15, 1863.]
Commenced making hay.

Saturday June 17th 1865.
Mrs. Joseph Johnson 
drownded herself in 
the well.

[Friday June 19] 1863.
Old Jacob Shantz was 

[Tuesday, June 30, 1863.]
Company started for State 
defence from Lawrenceville.

[Wednesday, July 1] 1863.
Battle of Carlisle commenced.

Sunday [July 2] 1871
Elwood (illegible middle initial in a different hand/pencil) Buckwalter was 
buried. He was sick for 
two weeks with typhoid fever.

Monday, July 3rd, 1865.
Daniel Rinehart fell 
off a load of hay, and 
paralyzed his lower limbs. 
Died on July 25th

Monday [July 4] 1864.
Cousin John H. Stover 
buried. (H is in pencil; rest is in pen)

Sunday [July] 5 [1863]
Wet Harvest.

[Tuesday July 7]. 1863.
Judson Rowland came 
home from the Army. 
'is that so. (second sentence in different hand)

Monday July 11th 1870
Jonathan Urner (?) died.

[Sunday, July 12, 1863]
Hauled in Grain.
Anna R Buckwalter died

Wednesday, July 20th 1870.
John Chrisman died.

[Wednesday July 22] 1863.
Mrs. Bartlette buried.

[Friday, July 24, 1863.]
John Fox died.

Monday, July. 24th 1865.
Cousin Henry Chrisman 

Tuesday July 25th 1865.
Daniel Rinehart died.
Wednesday July 25th 1866.
Lydia Shantz died.

[Monday, July 27, 1863.]
Mrs. Frank Shantz buried.

[Tuesday July 28] 1863.
Mary Freas buried.
Saturday, July 28th 1866.
Cousin Kitty Shantz died.

[Sunday, August 2, 1863.]
Theodore Sower's funeral 
sermon preached.

Saturday [August 5] 76
Francis Miller buried

[Thursday August 6] 1863.
Drafted men came 
home. Examination & 

Monday [August 7] 1876
Henry Shuman buried.

Saturday Aug. 12th 1865.
Uncle Henry Christman 

[Friday, August 14, 1863.]
State defence men 
came home.

August 14th 1872
Uncle Reuben Shnafs-
burger (?) was killed on 
the Perkiomen built (?) road.

[Monday, August 17, 18]68.
Coz. Frank Marsh's 
baby died.

Monday August 22nd 1870.
Katie Stauffer died.

Tuesday [Wednesday] 2 (crossed out) [September 1863]
Irene went to school at N.C.

Wednesday Sept 7th 1864
Returned from school.

[Wednesday September 9] 1863.
Carrie Bush married.
Friday Sept. 9th 1864. Price 
Frick died
Abe married Ada Stauffer 
Thursday the 9th 1875.

[Saturday September 12] 1863.
Celebration day.

Monday Sept. 18th 1865.
Grandpap Sheeder died.
Howard W. Deweese died.

[Saturday, September 19, 1863.]
Very large Mass Meeting 
at the Yellow Springs. 
Davis Yeager buried.

Friday [September] 29. 1871.
Aunt Katie Frank 

[Friday October 23] 1866.
High hats gone out of fashion.

Sunday morn Nov 7 1869
Ellen Stauffer died

Saturday Nov 15th 1873.
Nathan Wagner died 
after an illness of 
5 weeks.

Wednesday [November 21 186]6
Mr Abbie Frick gave 
his first Sociability.

Thursday [November 22] 1866
Snowed a little.

[Thursday November 26]. 73
Irene came from school 
at West Chester.

[Monday November 20, 1863.]
Snowed a little. Mrs. H. 
Heckel buried 1876.

Wednesday Dec. 10th 1873.
Sarah Rinehart died

Thursday [December 15, 186]4.
Lewis W. Rinehart & 
Mary Heistand married.
Friday, December 15th, 1865
Mrs. John Painter died.

Monday Dec 16th 1867.
Charlie Miller. died.

Monday [Dec 19th] 1864.
John Hunter Evans died.
Monday Dec. 19th 1869
Mrs. John Bartolette buried.

[Sunday December 20] 74
Dr. A. Bush died. The 
first snow fell.

Thursday Dec 22nd 1870
Abraham Shallkop (?) & 
Hannah Childs buried.
Enos Shantz married Miss 
Watson 74.

[Wednesday December 23] 74
Dr. Meredith died.

10 cbs castor oil
10 " harbshorn (ammonia)
deodorized alcohol enough 
to cut the oil (scented)

Plain Fruit Cake.
1 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 
beaten to a foam separate 
the yolks and whites of three 
eggs and beat each separately 
add the yolks to the cake and 
1 tea-spoonful of cream of tar-
tar dissolved in 1/2 cup sour milk 
add 1/2 teas spoonful soda dissolved 
in a table-spoonful of warm 
water then add the whites 
of the eggs

1 lb butter 1 lb sugar 
2 lbs flour 3 eggs 1/2 
cup sour milk 1 tea-s
poonful soda roll in sugar

Ginger Snaps
1 cup butter 1 cup sugar 
1 cup molasses 1/2 cups 
ginger 1 teaspoonful soda 
mix stiff.

Mountain cake
1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/2 cup 
butter 1/2 cup milk 2 flour 
1 teaspoonful cream tartar 
1/2 t(blurred) soda nutmeg

1 cup butter 2 cup sugar 
1 cup cold water 1/2 tea-
spoonful saleratus 7 eggs 
flour enough to roll & no more

Soft ginger bread.
1 cup molasses 1 cup sugar 
1 cup butter 1 cup of butter- 
(milk?) 1 egg sateratus (and? blurred) 
cloves & ginger

Pickling For Hams or Beef
For each 100 lbs of meat, take 
7 lbs coarse salt, 5 lbs brown 
sugar, 2 ounces saltpeter, 1/2 oz 
soda or saleratus, & 4 gallons 
water. Boil & skim the mix-
ture, let it cool, and when 
cold pour it upon the meat 
which should be weighted to 
keep it down. Leave common 
sized hams in pickle 4 or 5 days 
Beef can be kept until used 
up if the brine be scalded 

Cured Hams
1 1/2 lbs sugar 6 tlb Salt 
2 oz Salt petre pulverized 
mix & rub the meat once 
a week or oftener
This for 100lb time 4 to 6 wks

Apple Jelly.
Cut off all spots & decayed 
places on the apples; quarter 
them, but do not pare or 
core them; put in the peel 
of as many lemons as you 
like, about two to six or 
eight dozen of the apples; 
fill the preserving-pan, and 
cover the fruit with spring-
water; boil them till they are in 
pulp, do not squeeze them. 
To every pint of juice put one 
pound of white sugar; put in 
the juice of the lemons you 
had before pared, but strain 
it through muslin. Let it 
boil twenty minutes, it will 
look redder than at first. 
skim it well all the time. 
It ought to be quite stiff 
and very clear. Put it in 
shapes or pots, and cover 
it the next day.

Quinces for the Tea-Table
Bake ripe quinces thorough-
ly; when cold, strip off the 
skins. place them in a 
glass dish, and sprinkle 
with white sugar, and 
serve with white sugar (crossed out),
Siberian Crab-Jelly
Fill a large flannel bag 
with crabs. Put the bag 
in a preserving-pan of 
spring-water, and boil 
for about seven hours; 
then take out the bag, and 
fill it so that all the sy-
rup can run through, 
and the water water that 
remains in the pan; and 
to each pint of syrup add 
one pound of loaf-sugar, 
and boil for about one hour 
and it will be a clear bright 
red jelly.

Put twelve good tart 
apple in cold water, and 
set them over the fire; when 
soft, drain the water, strip 
the skins off the apples, cure 
them, and lay them in a 
deep-dish. Beat the whites 
of twelves eggs to a stiff froth 
put half pound of finely-
powdered sugar to the apples 
beat them to a stiff froth 
and add the beaten eggs. 
Beat the whole to a stiff 
snow; then turn it into
a desert-dish and orna
ment it with myrtle or bay(?).
Silver Cake 
Take 1 cup butter (crossed out), 3/4 cup 
Take the whites of six eggs, 
two and one-half cups of flour (?) 
one and one-half cups of su-
gar, half cup of butter, 2/3cup 
sweet milk, half teaspoon-
ful of cream of tartar, and 
a little soda.

Composition Cake
Three eggs, one-half teacup-
full of butter, one and a half 
of sugar, two and a half 
of flour, one-half cupful of 
sweet milk, one teaspoonful 
of cream of tartar, 
one-half teaspoonful of soda 
and a little salt.

Ginger Drops.
Two tablespoonfuls of 
molasses, one of lard, half 
a cup of sour milk, one 
teaspoonful of soda and 
one egg. Flour enough 
to make a stiff batter. 
Bake quickly.

Blueing. (this is in blue ink as are the next two entries)
Take 1 oz. of chinese Blue or 
1 oz. of Best Prussia Blue 
1/2 oz Oxalic Acid both 
must be pulverized add 
one quart of soft water 
and bottle up for use.

Nashing (?) compound
2 oz. borax, & 2 oz Sal-soda, 1 
pint of water, with 1 qt common 
soft soap, let this simmer 
over a slow fire pulverize 
the borax & soda, dissolve 
them in the water before 
the soap is added, these 
must not boil but simmer 
well together, then set off 
& stir a little at first while 
cooling, when cool it will be solid.
(The rest of this page is cut away, the only page cut in the book).

Refined Syrup of Honey
Take 10 lbs sugar, 3 lbs water, 
1 1/2 lbs bees honey, 40 grains 
cream tartar, 12 drop essence 
Pepper-mint, the whites of 2 eggs 
& boil 15 min over a slow 
fire, skim it well strain it
through a cloth, let it cool 
to about milk-warm & add 
1 1/2 lbs bees honey stir it well 
together & you have a good syrup.

Cure for Hydrophobia
Take 1 1/2 oz. of Elecamfrane (?) 
root bruised or sliced, and 
boil it in one pint of new 
milk until it is reduced to 
a half-pint; when cold it 
is to be in one dose, after 
six hours fasting. 
Repeat the dose for 
several mornings

To keep cider surd (?)
5 eggs & 1 cup of 
salt to 1 barrel

_Raspberry Vinegar_
Pour over every qt 
of berries 1 qt of Vin-
egar- let stand 
over night- strain 
and to 1 pint of Syrup 
add 1 lb of Sugar 
boil 20 min & bottle

Chocolate Cacker (?faded)

1lb sugar
2 table-spoonfuls butter
2 ------------------ lard
1/4 lb Chocolate
2 eggs
9 table-spoonfuls flour
1 " each of cloves & soda
1/2 cup sweet cream

Lemon Cake
5 Eggs
3 cups sugar
3 1/2 flour
1 Cup cream
1 lemon grated
1 tea-spoonful soda
1 ------------- cream tartar
1 cup butter.

Pearl Cake
1 lb Sugar
1/2 lb butter
5 eggs
1 cup sour milk & cream
1/2 tea-spoonful soda
1 cup corn starch 
2 cups flour
1 tea-spoonful cream tartar

__White Mountain Cake__ (triple underlined)
1 lb white sugar
1/2 lb butter
1 lb flour
1 cup sweet milk
5 eggs
1 tea-spoonful soda
2 Cream Tartar
__Icing & Cocoanut__ (triple underlined)

French Cream Cake
3 eggs 
1 cup sugar 
1 1/2 cup flour
1 teaspoonful Soda

1 "--------- cream tartar
2 table-spoonfuls water
Cream for the cake
Boil nearly a pint of sweet milk
2 small tablespoonfuls 
corn starch in a 
little milk to this 
add 2 eggs whites & yolks 
when the milk has 
boiled stir this in slow-
ly with 1 scant tea-cup 
sugar when thick 
add 1/2 cup butter 
& flavor.

Cream Sponge
5 eggs beaten separate
1.5 cups sugar
1/2 cup flour
bake in layers
1/2 pint milk
2 eggs 
1 1/2 table-spoonfuls flour 
stir them in while 
the milk is boiling 
& flavor with lemon
{Water Icing 
8 teaspoon full 
_cold water._} (double underlined)

Leopard Cake
1 Cup butter
3 cups white sugar
5 cups flour
1/2 ----- sweet milk
1/2 teaspoonful soda
8 eggs (white)
1 cup butter 
2 " brown sugar
1 " molasses
1 " sour milk
1 teaspoonful soda
4 cups flour
8 yolks & 1 whole egg

Water Sponge Cake
2 Cups sugar
2 1/2 flour
2/3 cups water
4 eggs
1 teaspoon Cream tartar
1 ------ baking soda

Lady Fingers
2 Cups butter
2 --- Sugar
2 " flour
4 Eggs
1 teaspoon Soda
1 " Cream tartar

Snow Cake
3/4 cup butter
2 " Sugar
2/3 " milk
3 " flour
7 eggs (white)
1 teaspoon soda
2 cream tartar

_Railroad Cake_
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup sifted flour
2 table-spoons milk
butter size of an egg 
flavor soda & tartar 
Annie Worman's 

_Vienna Rolls_ (double underlined)
1 table-spoon lard or butter
1 qt flour
2 tea-spoon baking powder
mix together & sift 
place in the bowl with the butter
3/4 pint sweet milk
1/2 tea-spoon salt stir 
in to the flour 
knead & turn 
out on the board 
Roll 1/2 inch thick 
cut with a large 
round cutter fold 
over to form a 
half round wet 
with a little milk 
to stick together 
Wash over the top 
with milk & bake 
20 min.

[Newspaper Clipping glued in:]
To make a bowlful of cream sauce take a piece of butter the size of a small egg and beat it up with 
powdered sugar until it is a light cream. Then set it aside. Then into a small tin saucepan put a coffee-
cupful of water, and add to it a teaspoonful of flour mixed in a little water. Cook this thoroughly until it is 
like a thin starch. Then take up the butter and sugar mixture, and, while you are beating it energeticaly, let 
some one pour into it slowly and gradually the hot flour-suace. If the beating is not stopped for a moment 
the whole sauce will rise and be foamy as sea-froth. Flavor with wine, brandy or vanilla, as preferred. This 
is the best sauce made. Potato flour is sometimes used instead of wheat flour.

Cucumber Sauce
3 doz cucumbers
8 onions
1 1/2 tea-cups Salt
mix these & drain in sieve 8 hours then add
1/2 lb(?) mustard seed
1/2 tea=cup ground pepper
3 pints vinegar

_Tomato Sauce_ (double underlined)
7 lbs ripe tomatoes skinned & in a kettle
4 lbs Sugar boil until penetrated then add 
1 pint vinegar
1 oz cloves
1 oz cinnamon boil 30 min
____________________ (double underlined)

_Tomato Catsup_ (double underlined)
1/2 Bus tomatoes boiled till soft
Strain thru a wine sieve
1/2 gal vinegar
1 1/2 pt Salt
2 oz Cloves
1/4 lb (?) Alspice
3oz Cayenne pepper
3 table-spoons black pepper
boil 3 hrs & bottle

1 oz of butter (over the fire
1 pint of water
4 oz _flour cook 5 min_
remove from the fire
6 eggs well beaten )add_
1 table-spoonfull for
add the yolks first
each puff- brush 
the tops with beaten 
egg- bake brown in 
a moderate oven 
when done 
cut open and fill with 
2 oz Corn starch
oz powdered sugar
2 eggs yolks
1 pt sweet milk 
boiled to mix flavor

_Soft Ginger-bread_
1 cup Molasses
1 ----- Sour milk & cream
1 tea-spoon soda
1 table-spon ginger
flour to thicken
Emily A Knatz

Water Ices (Carm (?)
When all ready for 
freezing add the 
beaten whites of 
4 eggs to even 
2 qts of the liquid

Roll the lemons on 
the table till quite 
soft-- cut them in 
halves squeeze dry 
add boiling water 
& sweeten to taste 
When cool add the 
grated rind & 
serve in tumblers 
half filled with 
ice powdered fine 
in a strong cloth 
with the flat side 
of the hammer 
On (?) prepared & 
served in a glass 
bowl upon stawbers 
sliced peaches 
sugar the fruit & 
scatter the ice over 
or place it over 
the fruit as it is 

Sweet Pudding
3 cups flour 
1 " suet
1 " milk
1 " crumbs
cinnamon & salt
2 eggs
1/2 tea-spoon soda
1 ----- cream tartar
1/2 cup butter
1 --------- sugar
1 table-spoon flour 
boil with water

Cliften Loaf Cake
1/2 lb butter, 6 eggs, 1 lb sugar
1/2 pt milk, 1 lb flour, 1/2 teaspoon 
soda, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 
1/2 teaspoonful cream tartar. 
Beat the butter, sugar, and 
spices together until very 
light. Then stir in the milk 
with 1/4 the flour. Whisk 
the eggs until thick with 
add alternatively with the 
remainder of the flour

_Dandelion Wine_
4 qts flowers
4 Oranges
4 Lemons
boiled in 
4 qts water
Strain when cool add
1 cup yeast 
3 lbs sugar, & bottle

(In a preprinted "Cash Account. November." section: )
Received. Paid.
17 March A Chrisman 14.00 2.00
7.00 2.50
25.00 .75
6.00 .07
Irene Chrisman 117.50 2.05

(In a preprinted "Summary of Cash Account." section: )
[Mar] 17. I (A Chrisman 17.50. 13.25

Miss Parker
Commenced taking Music Lessons
3d 18th
4th 22nd
5th 25th
6th 28th
Oct 7th 3d
" 8th 6th
" 9 9th
" 10 11th
" 11 16th
" 12 16th
" 13 23d
" 14 25th
Nov 15th 8th
16th 13th
17th 16th
18 20th
19 22nd
20 27th

Commenced taking Music Lessons of 
Prof J. Warren Custer
April 20th 1868.
May 4th
May 11th
May 21st
May 28th

(In a preprinted " Memoranda." section: )
[Date Dollars. Cents]
1 Recd of J Chrisman 40.25
3 Recd of J Worman 16.04
4 Emma Chrisman Jr
to Alice E. Chrisman [.0]3

Oct. 13th Mr. Kokler's day for preaching at Limerick

Geiger 1/2
Brinard friday 1
Sat 1
mon 1
Friday Geiger &
Boy 2 hours
Monday Brinard &
Cooil (?) came at
Eleven oclock 1 1/2
Tuesday 2
Wednesday 2
Thursday 2
Friday 2
Saturday 2

April 11th 1871
Levi tearing down
2 days 2 day (?)
James & Levi 2
" 2
Saturday 2
Monday 2
Tues 2
Wednesday 2
Thursday rainy 
in afternoon 2
Friday Showry 2
Monday workd 
till 8 oclock in 
the evening 2 1/2

Irene V. Chrisman
Selzter Store
Chester Co.

Commenced taking Music Lessons of Miss Warren
May 1867. (At Cottage Som.
3d 1867. NY. (?)
7th Simple cure
10th for
17th Rheumatism
21st Take the root of
24th skunk cabbage
18th just the white
31st inside, cut it
7th in bite & cover
11th with whiskey
14th table-spoonful
for 3 times a day
before meals

can 4 lbs
paid 470
paid for 47 lbs 
(Erased sums underneath)

Irene Chrisman.

To make unfermen-
ted _Grape Wine_
To every quart of
Juice take 1 lbs of 
sugar simmer 
over the fire all 
day- scim & bottle.

_To Salt pork_
To 100 lbs of pork
4 lbs Salt fine
2 ozs petre
1/2 lb Sugar

Grape Wine
4 lbs Sugar
1 1/2 qts water
2 1/2 qts juice