Conrad Acker

ACKER, CONRAD. Uwchlan.June 16, 1815. August 12, 1815.Provides for wife without naming her.To my 5 children the following sums besides what they have already had: To Conrad 150; To Henry 150. To Catharine 100:To Barbara 300: and to Mary 300; to be paid by son Peter.To children of dau. Elizabeth Wiesner December'd., 200, to be at int. & paid to them as they arrive at 21.Daughter Hannah to be content with what she has received.To gr.son Conrad, son of Peter Acker, 100 when 21.To son Peter the plantation I live on, about 140 acres, subject to certain legacies. To my 4 other children, Jacob, John, Peter and Eve, all estate not otherwise disposed of.Executors: Sons Jacob, John & Peter Acker. (Jacob renounced.)Wits: Joseph Williams, Mordecai Lee, Jesse Jones.

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