Abel Boake - 1784

BOAKE, ABEL. E. Bradford. March 6, 1784. April 12, 1785. Provides for wife Sarah. To son Ephraim Boake the plantation adjoining Jos. Cope and others, purchased of Henry Woodward containing, by estimate, 128 acres, also 1/2 of woodland in Goshen. To daughter Ann Boake use and profits of 1/2 the plantation where I now live, and at her mother's death, the whole of it. To daughter Hannah Simcock 20, and to her 2 daughters Sarah and Ann, 25 each at 18. To Absalom Boake 5 shillings. Stock, etc. to Ephraim and household goods to daughter Ann. Executrix: Wife Sarah. Wit: Benjamin Powell, Richard Strode, James Marshall.BOGGS, JAMES. Whiteland Township Occupation: yeoman. Written: January 22, 1742/3. Proved: March 15, 1742/3. Will Book B, Page 130. To youngest son Alexander all estate moveable and immovables except as hereafter devised. To son William one cow. To John's son one heifer. To son Joseph one cow. To Margaret Johnson 3 sheep. To Josephs daughter Margaret 2 sheep. To Williams eldest son 2 sheep. To son John 1 shilling. Executor: son Alexander. Witnesses: Wm. Johnston, Joseph Boggs, Alex Walker.BUFFINGTON, JOHN. W. Bradford, yeoman. July 24, 1736. October 11, 1736. B. 12. To eldest son John the plantation I now live on purchased of brother Richard containing 188 acres when 21. To wife Sarah use of said Plantation during minority of son and other provision. To son Thomas 50 acres of land adjacent above also 30 at 21. To daughters Mary and Sarah 15 each at 21. Executors: wife Sarah, brother Richard Eavenson and brother Jeremiah Dean. Witnesses: Isaac Vernon, Charles Turner, Joseph Wray.BURNS, MARTHA. West Fallowfield Township. Written: June 27, 1818. Proved: August 10, 1822. To my son John $1. To gr.dau. Sarah Phipps my bed, bedding, &c. To dau. Mary Phipps rem. of estate. Executor: Son-in-law Crosby Phipps. Wits: William McNeal, Aaron Skelton.

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