James Callwell - 1755

CALLWELL, JAMES. East Nottingham Township Occupation: Farmer. Written: September 5, 1755. Proved: October 2, 1755. Will Book D, Page 20. To wife Ann 120 and the further sum of 80 now in the hand of her brother Andrew Simm. To John Calwell, son of brother William in Scotland 30. To John Calwell son of brother Abram in Ireland 10. To John Calwell, son of brother Dann. 20. To John Tarbert, son of sister Elinor 10. To James McCullough, son of sister Agnes 20. To Robert Tweed and wife Agnes the black horse. To sister Martha and her children 34. To George, son of sister Agnes 20. To Ann Wharrey 20. To Robert Williamson 2. Executors: William Edmiston, James Wharrey and wife Ann. Wit: James Gilles, James McCullough, James Petterson.CARLTON, THOMAS. Londonderry Township. Written: September 6, 1742. Proved: November 8, 1743. Will Book B, Page 145. To son John 1 shilling and to sons Thomas and Arthur 1 shilling each. To daughter Isabella Perry and Ann Geatenby 1 shilling each. To daughters Jane, Elinor, Mary, Letice and Alice Charlton 20 each. Remainder of money and personal estate to wife Allice and son Poynton Charlton also executors. Witnesses: Thomas Charlton, Henry Charlton.Archibald CLINTON, London Britain, yeoman. September 5, 1746. October 1, 1746. Book B, Page 210. Provides for wife Sarah. To son William the plantation on which I live at value of 100. To son James, daughter Mary, son John and daughter Sarah each an equal share of estate. To daughter Elizabeth 1 shilling. To daughter Hannah 10 shillings. Executors: wife Sarah, son William and Arthur Lattimer. Witnesses: Wm. McCulloch, Fra. Alison, Andrew Willson. James CLOYD, Pikeland. October 13, 1803: December 4, 1807. Will Book A, Page 466. Directs executors to put a stone wall around the graveyard in East Whiteland Township, where our family hath been buried, at expense of his estate, and to put head and foot stones to grave of son Hockley and his own. To sister Margaret Culbertson 10 and to her son James Culbertson 10 and to his wife 10. To said daughter Margaret's daughter Elizabeth Vanleer 10. To sister Jane McKee 10. To sister Rebecca North's 4 children, James, Caleb, Joshua and Rebecca, 10 each. To sister Mary Todd 5. To sister Sarah Morrel 10, and to her daughter Sarah Morrel 5. To Margaret, wife of Francis Lee, Esquire, 5. To brother David's daughter, Mary Latta, 5. To the three children of Francis Lee, Esquire, viz: Elinor, Jane and Thomas Lee, 3 each. To John Cloyd, son of brother David, 5. To negro Poll, who lives with me 10, and to negro Sam, 10. To sister Elizabeth Cloyd all remainder of estate, real and personal. Executors: Nephew James McKee and John Ralston of Vincent. Wits.: Frederick Holman, Robert Ralston. (Letters to McKee.)CRESWELL, JAMES. Oxford Township. Occupation: Tanner. Written: May 7, 1760. Proved October 16, 1760. To nephew Joseph Creswell, son of brother Robert my land containing 150 acres. To nephew James Creswell, son of Robert 10. To niece Rachel Creswell alias Dysant 40. To niece Isabella Creswell, daughter of brother Robert 10. To niece Hannah, daughter of brother Robert 10. To niece Jane, youngest daughter of brother Robert 15. To sister Rachel Whitehill 10. To nieces Jane Clark and Rachel Creswell, daughters of brother John 5 each. To nephews James, John and Robert, sons of sister Mary Creswell 5. To niece Rachel Woodside 5. Executors: Brother James Whitehill and nephew James Creswell, Jr. Witnesses: George Miller, Robert Fleming, Rebecca Boggs.CRESWELL, WILLIAM. Derry Township. Occupation: Farmer. Written: September 8, 1741. Proved: February 24, 1743/4. Will Book B, Page 154. To wife Mary 60. To son James EBO. To son William 40. To son Samuel 60. To son Robert 40. To son Abraham 40. To daughter Susanna wife of John Dunwoody 1. Executors: son James, John Smith of Nottingham and David Greswell of Cecil Co. Letters to son James and John Smith. Witnesses: James Smith, Abraham Smith.

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