Thomas Davis 1729


Whiteland Township

Written: October 22, 1729.

Proved: November 29, 1729.

Will Book A, Page 307.

To wife Catherine and son James my land and plantation whereon I live during their lives and after their decease to son David.

Refers to articles of agreement with son David dated October 28, 1728 in regard to Fulling Mill and 15 acres of land.

To daughter Sarah now in Wales 10 provided she comes over.

To daughter Ann 5 shillings and to her daughter Elizabeth spinning wheel.

To son John great iron pot and to each of his 6 children 1 shilling.

To son Thomas all wearing apparel and to his daughter 1 shilling.

To daughter Ann's 3 children, viz. Thomas, Evan and Elizabeth 1 shilling each.

Executors: wife Catharine and son James.

Witnesses: Isaac Malin, Wm. Paschall.

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