from Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

HARVEY, JOB. Darby. Yeoman.

January 4, 1750. February 26, 1750/1. C. 266.

Provides for wife Rebecca including all grants, privileges mentioned in certain deeds made before our marriage.

Mentions having done considerably for son Josiah in hopes of reformation with little hopes of amendment hitherto.

Yet gives him 50 if he should reform.

The same mention of son Joseph.

To son Job 50 under same restrictions as his brothers.

To daughter Mary Hunt 6 yearly unless she comes to a reformation, when she is to have 50.

To grandson Job Harvey, son of Benjamin deceased 100 at 21

and to his brother Isaac and sisters Elizabeth and Margaret 50 each at 21.

To Darby Monthly Meeting 30 For graveyard wall and to said Meeting 20 in trust for keeping up repairs.

To son Job the southwest part of my tract of land in Charlestown during life and afterward to his 2 sons.

Mentions his brother Joseph and brother in law Isaac Kirk.

Remainder of land to be sold on decease of wife and divided among daughter Mary Hunt and grandchildren then living.


Samuel Buntin and Isaac Pearson.


Thomas Pearson,

James Barry,

William Linville.

* Mentions daughter in law

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