Samuel Jackson - 1817

SAMUEL JACKSON'S WILL ********** In the name of God Amen, I Samuel Jackson of the township of Washington Fayette County and State of Pennsylvania being now exceedingly weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament. First it is my will and desire and I order it so to be done that all my just debts and funeral be duly satisfied as soon as convenient after my decease. Item I give and bequeath my beloved wife Rebecca Jackson the mansion house in which we resided together with the Lands attached thereto within the following boundaries. Beginning on the South east side of Redstone Creek at the place and adjoining where Lynns line Crosses the same and five perches from the edge of Low water mark of said Creek thence down said Creek with the meanders to its mouth thence crossing the mouth of said Creek to a large maple tree near a spring on the north east side of the creek thense in a strait line to a young shell bark hickory the first one from the Corner of the lane fence thence along the road towards Chads Chalfants unill it strikes Chalfants line with all the improvements and previleges of the water power during her natural life. Item..... I likewise bequeath unto my beloved wife in addition to the above bequest the sum of five thousand dollars in Cash or current Bank notes to be paid by my excutors as follows Viz One thousand dollars as soon as possible after my decease and the remainder to be paid in yearly instalments of five hundred dollars each to commence two years after my decease. Item...... I likewise give and bequeath unto my beloved wife in addition to the above four horses four cows twelve sheep ten hogs and all the poultry belonging to us at the time of my decease together with all the household and kitchen furniture of what kind soever of which I may die possessed. Item I give and bequeath unto my sons John and Samuel all the land beginning near the North east side of the mouth of Redstone Creek at a large Maple tree and thence running with and adjoining the line of the above bequest to my wife through the medow and orchard untill it strikes a young shell Bark hickory the same that is already designated in the first Item thence all the Land which lies on the North west side of the road going to Chads Chalfants the same being my Glass works property also all the Lands from within five rods to the South east side of Redstone creek to the Borough lines of Brownsville supposed to contain one hundred acres also two hundred acres of land called the pumpkin patch purchased as the property of Richard Noble also 30 acres of river bottom in Washington County and opposite the dwelling house of my son John. Item...... I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sussannah Updegraff wife of James Updegraff the sum of four thousand dollars in full of her portion to be paid by my executors to her or her heirs in yearly payments of one thousand dollars each after my decease. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rebecca Jackson (after the death of her mother) in fee simple of all the mansion house and lands with the apurtenances there on as is prescribed in the bequest to her mother also the sum of two thousand dollars in Cash one half of which to be paid by my executors as soon she may want it and as soon as possible after my decease the other half to be paid in two years after my decease. ---- Item.... I give and bequeath to my son Josiah Jackson and my daughter Ruth Dixon wife of Henry Dixon all my land and other property in Monongalia County,Virginia consisting of Forge Slitting and Rolling mill Grist and saw mill with sun dry other improvements provided never the less that they jointly and severally pay or cause to be paid into the hands of my executors the sum of one thousand dollars pr annum for the space of eleven years to be by them appropriated as shall hereafter be mentioned. Item I give and bequeath to my son Jesse Jackson the whole of my interest in the paper mill on Redstone Creek as well as my interest that I may have had in capital stock furnished him at the time he took possession thereof together with all the real property I may die possessed of in the Borough of Brownsville also one thousand and fifty acres of Land in Harrison County Virginia. Item it is my will and desire and I order it so to be done by my executors that as soon as possible after my death they make sale of the plantation I purchased of Barrick Brashear into cash and appropriate the proceeds thereof towards finishing the Glass work establishment already progressing and likewise and the they make sale of all the surplus stock and farming implements and out of the proceeds to the sale pay my daughter Rebecca five hundred dollars. It is my will and desire that the stock I hold in the Monongahela Bank of Brownsville and my stock in the Clarksville Manufacturing company shall after my decease belong and I do hereby bequeath the same to my sons John and Samuals they making themselves answerable and paying the dower herein given to my wife and the ballance of the Legacy herein granted to my daughter Rebecca. Item..... my will and desire is and I order it so to be done that my executors receive annually one thousand dollars(as in herein mentioned and expressed) from my son Josiah and my son in law Henry Dixon for the space of five years which sum as soon as may be after its reception shall be by them paid over to my daughter Susannah or her heirs. The remaining six thousand dollars as it becomes due I bequeath to my sons John and Samuel in order to compensate them for making advances of monies to pay debts that I may owe and to enable them more effectually to complete their Glass manufactory. Item..... I hereby authorize and empower my executors to make sale of any real property that I may die possessed of make proper deeds of conveyance for the same not herein enumerated and divide the proceeds amongst all my children equally share and share alike. Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my sons John Jackson and Samuel Jackson executors of this my last will and Testament. Signed sealed and acknowledged this 27th day of May one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. ---- Samuel Jackson (Seal)

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