Walter Martin

MARTIN, WALTER. Chichester.August 4, 1715. June 27, 1719. A. 73.Refers to the legacies given to his children by their grandfather Joseph Bushells will and names mother in law Sarah Bushell. To son in law Wm. Clayton 20 shillings, also to daughter Mary 20 shillings. Provides for wife Mary. To daughter Ann Martin certain lots in Chichester and 4 acres of woodland, also 5. Also to daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Marter certain described lotts and a tract of woodland each. Messuage and plantation I now live on to be sold [about 160 acres] and proceeds, except 10, to be invested for the maintenance of son Stephen during life and after his death, divided among other heirs. Mentions granddaughters Mary and Hannah Marten.Executors: brothers in law Nicholas Pyly and Daniel Williamson.Witnesses: Francis Routh, Thomas Linville, Wm. Chandalar. (note this additional spelling of Chandler)

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