Gayan Miller - 1742

MILLER, GAYEN. Kennett, yeoman.March 31, 1742. August 31, 1742. B. 114.To son William 5. To 4 sons, viz Robert, Patrick, Samuel andBenjamin 5 each. To my 2 daughters, viz Sarah wife of Joshua Johnson and Elizabeth wife of Joseph Dickinson 5 each. To son James 4 children, viz Sarah, Deborah, James and Jesse 10 shillings each. To daughter Mary's 3 children, viz, Saml., James and Mary 10 shillings each. To son Benjamin part of a tract of land by Pequea Creek in Lancaster Co now in his possession. To son John the remainder of said tract, estimated to be 250 acres. To son Josephs widow Jane Miller and her 2 children, Samuel and Rebecca 6. To son George 1/2 of plantation where I dwell and the other 1/2 at wifes decease. To wife Margaret all remainder of estate real and personal. Executors: wife Margaret, son William and cousin Jas. Miller. Witnesses: Rachel Miller, George Miller, David Bradford.

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