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Nathaniel Newlin, 1731/2

Chester Co PA Wills Vol. A page 349

Nathaniel Newlin of Concord probated 29 Feb 1731/2

Be it remembered that I Nathaniel Newlin of Concord in ye County of Chester & province of Pensylvania, yeoman, being in Good health of Body & of Sound & perfect mind & memory, praised be given therefore to Almighty God do make & ordain this my Last will and Testamt. in manner & form ffollowing that is to Say,

First & principaly I commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it & my body to go decently buried by my Executors hereafter named and as Touching Such Estate as it hath pleased God to Bestow upon me I give & despose thereof in manner & form ffollowing,

First my will & thatall my Just Debts be truly paid by my Exers. hereafter named as soon as Conveniently may be after my Decease & Together with my funerall expences,

Item. I give & Bequeath to my Loving wife Joan Newlin & to her up & occupation the new stone house now dwell in and such necessary furniture to ye sameas to my Exers may seem moot & Convenient as allows feather Bed its furntirue, also one other Bed that was my fathers During her widowhood & she to give it to one of my Daughters She shall soon convenient. Also it is my will my said Wife take the profitts of my plantation during the manage of my son Nathaniell for * towards of breeding up of any young or children.

Item. I give to my said Wife yet Sum of one hundred pounds mony of this province to be paid her by my Excers. out of my personall Estate within some conventient time after my Decease.

Item. It is my will my Excers. allowmy wife one hundred & ffifty pound of Beef and pork yearly during her widowhood, also I give tomy said wife my Riding horse * her saddle with free pasture in ye summer & ffodder in ye winter for him. Also I give her two Cows to be kept as aforesaid, as also fierwood necessary cut & brought to her clear of charges, also five pounds towards the finishing my Stone house which sd. bequests are with what followeth to be in full right of Dower and Thirds which she might or could claim by any Law or Custom of this province.

Item. I give to my son Nathaniell Newlin & his heirs & assigns my plantation where I now dwell with Two hundred seventy five acres of Land Inclusive at the west end of my Said Tract Together with all houses, outhouses, barns, stables, orchards thereunto belonging (Except as before Excepted) to be by him Enjoyed at ye age of Twenty one years & then my will is that he provide for his mother during her widowhood ye above Quantity of Beef and pork, ffodder * pasture an fierwood yearly and Every year during her widdowhood as aforesaid.

Item. I give to my Said Son my four working horses with their Harness also my Cart plough Harrow & their Irons, also I give my Said Son two Steers and three pair of Gold Buttons.

Item. I give my Son Joseph Newlin four hundred acres of Land being part of Tract of Land lying in ye the Township of (blank) in the County aforesaid to him & his assigns forever to be taken of that side next to the Land of Henry Hays.

Item. I give my said Son Twenty pounds out of my personal Estate, also one set vest and Breeches Buttons of Silver, also the Gun that was his Grandfather's to be enjoyed by my Said Son at the ageof Twenty one years. Also I will that my said Son tobe by Excers. At ye age of Sixteen put out to prentice.

Item. I give to my son Nicholas Newlin four hundred acres of Land being part of seven hundred Eighty five acres on doe run in this County of Chester to be laid out by my Trustees whom hereafterI shall appoint to him his heirs and assigns, also I give to my said Son the Sum of Twenty pounds mony of this province to be paid by my Excers. when he shall arrive to ye age of Twenty one. Also I give my Said Son my other gun, likewise to be put to apprentice at ye age of Sixteen to enjoy all and Every of his Legacies at the age of Twenty one.

Item I give to my son Nathan Newlin one hundred Twenty five acres of Land being part my home Tract to begin at the corner Next Thomas Brooms and Ralph Eversons thence to the run in ye meadow & fifteen porches over the said run & then down the same to compleat of sd. Quantity to him his heirs & assigns. Also I give to my said Son the sum of Twenty ffive pounds mony of this province out of my personal Estate. Also my will is that my watch be sold and the mony arising therefrom by my Excers. put out to Interest for ye use of my Sd. Son Nathan. Also it is my will that he at the age of sixteen so put to apprentice and be capable to enjoy his whole legacies at the age of Twenty one years.

Item. I give to my Daughters & Each of them viz Rachill, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, and Martha the sums of ffifty pounds Lawful mony of this province to be by them & each of them Enjoyed & possessed at their respective ages of eighteen, but if any or eigher of my said Daughters die (or marry without the consent of my Excers) then my will is that such Disobedient Daughter shall have but one shillng & their respective share to be divided as well as such dying child equally among the survivors. Also my will is that they have their saddles.

Item. my will is that the Remaining part of my personall Estate as well asn the Land not dispossed of be sold by my Excers and Trustees & the mony arising therefrom be put out to Interest, the Interest to be applyed towards the bringing up my Sd children to their Respective ages or apprenticeship and after to go to the Stock & be added to their Severall Shares Except the Sum of ffive pound for the sholing of the ffirst Eight of my Children, and Two pounds for the schooling of my son Nathan.

Lastly I constitute, ordain & make my Loving wife Jane Newlin and Edward Woodward of Middletown, yoman, Executors & Ellis Lewis & John Newlin Trustees to this my Last Will giving them full power to perform all and Every thing therein Contained as well for the dispossing of my personall Estate as for ye Conveying Ye Remaining part of my Land not before Dispossed of.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this Tenth day of January Anno Dom. 1731/2

Nathaniell Newlin (seal)

witnesses: Jos. Pyle
John Robertson
Robert Green

Item. I give unto my son Nathan Newlin the full rent that shall & will rise from that place that William Fford doth now live on during the naturall life of the said William Fford and his wife to be recovered by my Excers and put out for his use, but if William doth not pay why then to be dealt with according to the directions of the Lease and when thethey two William and his wife shall Depart this life why then the whole place to go to my son Nathan Newlin.

Nathaniell Newlin (seal) witnesses: Joseph Pyle
John Robertson
Robt. Green

Be it Remembered tha tthe twenty ninth day of ffebruary Anno Dom 1731/2 the Last Will and Testament of Nathl. Newlin late of Concord in the said County Deced (?) Was proved in the form of Law and probate & Letters of administration was granted to his wife Jane Newlin and Edward Woodward Sole Exers therein named being first attested well and truly to administer and to bring in an inventory of the said Deced's Estate into the Regr. Office for the Said County of Chester on or before the ffifteenth day of March next to Exhibitt, and to Render a Just amount of your admin or before the Twenty ninth day of ffebruary which will be in the year of our Lord 1732/3. Given under the seal of the sd. Office. F. H. Parker, D. Regr.

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