Caleb Phipps - 1813

Caleb Phipps, West Marlborough Sept 28, 1813. January 5, 1814 to my son Elisha the lot of land I now live on in W. Marlborough; also a part of my plantation, described, containing 11 acres, and 2 tracts of woodland in W. Fallowfield, cont. about 25 acres of land each. To my son Crosby's son Joshua a tenement and lot of land in West Marlborough and 2 1/2 acres woodland in W. Fallowfield. to son Crosby the remainder of my plantation lying on Doe Run and abt 11 acres of woodland in E. Fallowfield, and to son Isaac $200.00. Remainder to sons Elisha and Crosby Phipps, who are exrs. Wit: Nathan Hayes, Isaac Broomell

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