Caleb Pusey - 1753

PUSEY, CALEB. East Marlborough. Yeoman.January 30, 1753. May 3, 1756. D. 40.To son Robert 20 shillings. To son David the land which I call Wantage containing 152 acres, he paying to his sister Margaret, wife of John Perry 30. To son in law William Swayne, my desk. To Margaret widow of son Caleb and to his 4 children, viz., Thomas, Prudence, Elizabeth and James 30. To son Thomas all remainder of estate real and personal,he paying to his sister Ann, wife of William Swayne 30. Executor: Son Thomas.Wit: Hannah Brown, T. Woodward, Benjamin Leonard.* The will of Margaret Pusey of the town of New Castle, widow, dated December 28, 1769, proved March 5, 1771, gives all estate equally between her three beloved children, Thomas, Prudence and Elizabeth and appoints Thomas executor. Made her mark.

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