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WHEREAS, Margaret Templin, late of the Township of West Vincent, Chester County, Pennsylvania, deceased, in and by her last will and testament, duly probated and remaining of record in the office of the Register of Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, in Will Book #30, Page 412, provided among other things as follows:

I give and bequeath to Maria S. Thomas, intermarried with William Hardy, the interest of five hundred dollars ($500) to be paid to her yearly and every year during her life and at her death the said five hundred dollars ($500) shall be equally divided between her children. I hereby appoint Levi J. Brownback, trustee, to take care of the five hundred dollars ($500) and to pay her the interest yearly and at her death to divide the same equally between her children if more than one living.

Know All Men By These Presents, that I, Levi J. Brownback, trustee for Maria S. Thomas, under the will of Margaret Templin, do hereby acknowledge that I have had and received, of and from Thomas B. Dewees, executor of the last will and testament of Margaret Templin, deceased, the sum of Four hundred seventy-five dollars, ($475), being the amount of the legacy bequeathed to me as trustee by the terms of the will of said decedent, less collateral inheritance tax, and therefore I do by these presents, remise, release, quit-claim and forever discharge the said Thomas B. Dewees, executor as aforesaid, his heirs, devisees, executors, administrators and assigns, of and from all liability, claim demand or charge whatsoever, for on account of the legacy aforesaid.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of May A. D. 1920.

Levi. J. Brownback (Seal)

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