Moses Thomson - 1745

Moses Thomson Will 31 Jul 1745, Marple Twp. Chester Co. PA - Transcribed as written: Be it Remember’d that Moses Thomson of the Township of Marple in the County of Chestor & province of Pensilvania, Husbandman being weak and Indisposed in body but of Good and perfect Memory & understanding And Calling to mind the uncertainty of his life Doth make and put in writing his Last will & Testament in Manner & form following (That is to say) First he wills that all his Just Debts & funerall Charges Should be paid & Discharged by his Executors afternamed and as touching? the Disposall of such worldly Estate as the Lord hath been pleased bestow upon him his will and Desire is that the Same be Employed & bestowed as followeth (That is to say) The Mossuage or Tenement and plantation he nows lives on is to remain in the possesion of his loving wife Mary for and during the term the same is leased to him toward the maintenance & bringing up of their children and his will is that his Children shall have as much learning as his executor can readily give them And that as soon as his sons are of suitable age they should be bound apprentices to such trades as his executor shall think most convenient and after his sons are all bound apprentices then what remains of his estate to be divided between his wife & children that is to say one Third part thereof To his said wife And the remainder equally between his children share & share alike each childs share to be put out at interest for their respective uses untill they become of full age and in case of any childs death during their minority those share or shares of such so Dieing to be equally divided amongst those surviving And he doth hereby nominate his said loving wife and his brother Joseph Sheldon executors of this his will revoking all forms and wills by him made & Now Declaring this to be his last will & testament. In testimony whereof he hath hereunto set his hand & seal the thirty first day of July in the year of our Lord 1745. The mark of Moses (mark) Thomson (seal) Signed sealed published and Declared by Moses Thomson to be His last will in the presence of His subscribers --- Joshua Thomson (mark) Joshua (mark) Thomson jun JW Davies 12: aug: 1745 (prove date) Note: Joseph Sheldon is a brother of Moses Thompson’s wife Mary Sheldon, whose father was Richard Sheldon also of Marple.

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