Moses Thomson - 1772

Moses Thomson Will 1 Jan 1772 Proved 16 Jan 1772 Recorded in Book E. Vol. 5 page 305, No. 2675 Chester Co., PA Archives [Transcribed as written by Carole Gardner Jan 2006 - Moses Thomson was son of Peter Thomson and Margery Pearson, of Marple. Moses Thomsons 1st wife was Grace Hoopes, dau. of Stephen Hoopes and Martha Evans; his 2nd wife was Veronica Nufer.] Be it remembered that I Moses Thomson of the Township of Marple in the County of Chester and Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being sick and weak in body but of sound disposing mind and memory (blessed be Almighty God for the same and all other his mercies) and considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof, do make and put in writing this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say, First my will is, that all my just debs and funeral expences be fully paid and satisfied. Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Veronica, one full equal third part of the rents issues and profits of all my lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever and wheresoever, to hold to her my said wife Veronica for and during such time as she shall remain my widow and [?] she shall [?] again and no longer. And I do also give and bequeath unto her my said wife Veronica, on e third part of all my movable and personal estate to be estimated by a just and conscionable appraisment thereof to be made, to be at her own disposal immediately after my decease, which several legacies and bequests so made to her my said wife Veronica, shall be adjudged deemed and taken to be in full satisfaction of her dower and title of dower in all my estate both real and personal at common law, or in equity. And whereas I have now three daughters, one named Martha by my first wife, and the other two named Mary and Grace by the said Veronica, and she my said wife Veronica is now pregnant with either a son or daughter. And I give and bequeath unto my daughter Martha all my first wifes wearing apparel to be taken care of by my executor in her sole and separate use. And as for and concerning all the rest residue and remainder of all my lands tenements rents and hereditaments whatsoever and wheresoever with their and every of their appurtenances I do give devise and bequeath the same and every part thereof unto my said three daughters Martha, Mary and Grace and the child wherewith my said wife Veronica is now enscint, their heirs and assigns for ever part and share alike as tenants in common to be equally divided between them when they do respectively attain to the age of twenty one years. And as for and concerning the remainder residue of my personal estate (after payment of my just debts funeral expenses and other incidental charges) I do give and bequeath unto my said three daughters Martha, Mary and Grace and the child wherewith my said wife is now enscint to be equally divided between them part and share alike when they do respectively attain to the age of eighteen years. But if either of them my said children shall happen to die in their minority intestate and without [?] [?] that then and in that case, the share part portion and bequest of him or her so dying shall go to and descend unto the survivors of them my said children and the heirs and assigns of such survivors to be equally divided between them as tenants in common. And I do nominate and appoint my trusty friend Joseph Rhoads and Isaac Rhoads of the township of Marple Yeoman to be the executors of this my last will and testament and also trustees and guardians of the person of my said daughter Martha and her estate and of the estates of my other children hereby revoking all former and other wills and testaments heretofore by me made and do declare this only to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I the said Moses Thomson the testator have hereunto set my hand and seal the first day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy two. Moses Thomson [his signature] Signed sealed pronounced published and declared by the said Moses Thomson, the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who have inscribed our names hereunder as witnesses to his presence and at his request. Charles Linn Nath Holland Elisha Worrrall I the said Moses Thomson do think fit to give and bequeath the best of my wearing apparel to my brother Thomas Thomson and the worst and oldest of my wearing apparel to William Mason to be at their disposal immediately after my decease any thing in my foregoing will to the contrary in any sense notwithstanding and shall be deemed and taken as part of my last will & testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year aforesaid. Sealed published and declared In the presence of us Moses Thomson [his signature] Charles Linn Nath Holland Elisha Worrall Chester January 16th, 1772 Then personally appeard Charles Linn Nathaniel Holland & Elisha Worral the said Charles on his oath on the Holy Evangels of almighty God and the said Nathaniel and Elisha on their solemn affirmn according law did severally depose declare affirm & say they were personally present and did see and hear Moses Thomson the testator within named sign seal publish pronounce and declare the within writing as and for his last will and testament and that they also saw & heard the said Moses Thomson sign seal publish pronounce and declare the above writing as a codicil to and as a part and parcel of his last will and testament and that at the executing of each he was of a sound & well disposing mind and memory to the best of their understandings. Sworn & Affd before H. H. Graham, Regr. ------------- Moses Thomson Estate Settlement filed 16 Jan 1789, No. 2675 Chester Co., PA Archives and Records The Estate of Moses Thomson in accomp with the estates of Joseph & Isaac Rhoads des. Executor of said estate and Jacob Minshall & Joseph Rhoads Admintrs To the estate of Isaac Rhoads des. [This document has the signatures of William Worrall, Martha Thompson, Benjamin Worrall, Mary Thomson, Grace Taylor, and an illegible signature of one word. And Jacob Minshall and Joseph Rhoads, administrators. Note that daughter Martha writes her last name as Thompson with the P, and mother Mary does not.] To cash paid The being the widow of Moses Thomson the being the full amount of her third part of the personal estate left her by will as P.r receipt 57.13.9 To Cash Pd Martha Thomson one of said Thomsons daughters a Pr receipt 60.12.6 To Cash Pd Daughter Mary Thomson Pr. Rect. 60.12.6 To Cash Pd. Grace Taylor Pr. Receipt 60.12.6 To Cash Pd. William Worrall gardian for said deceast son Moses Thomson a Minor as Pr. Receipt 60.12.6 300.3.9 By Balance in the hands of Joseph and Isaac Rhoads as specified in an accompt delivered into the regesters office 11 Mo 8th 1788. Amounting to 212.19.3 By balance due to sd. Thomson estate of an accpt. As settled at an orphan court 11 Mo. 14th 1788 amounting to 29.3.9 By interest due on part of the above money 58.3.9 300.3.9 ------------------- Account of the Estate of Moses Thomson [This accounting is on two facing pages with receipts on the left and payments on the right] The Accompt of Joseph & Isaaac Rhoads executors of the last will and testament of Moses Thomson late of Marple deceased of all and singular the goods & chattels rights & credits of said deceased which came into their hands and of their payments & disbursements out of the same. 1772 The said accomptants charge themselves with all and singular the goods chattels rights & credits of the said deceased mentioned in an inventory and appraisment made & exhibited into the regester office at Chester. Amounting to the sum of 340.6.10 3 Mo 9th To advance made by the sales 6.1.0 To interest rec.d of Ann Smedley that was not appraised 3.18.0 To cash Recd of John Morris .14.11 To Cash Red Charles Linn 2.14.2 To Cash Red William Mason 1.4.16 To Intarest Recd on money the executors put out 36.0.0 391.0.5 [Note abbreviations: Pd = paid, Do = Ditto, Pr Rect = Per Receipt, sd = said] The Sd Accomptants pray an allowance of their payment and disburstments out of said estate as followeth: By Cash paid funeral expences 8.2.11 1. By Cash Pd Do Vanlus Pr Rect 0.7.6 2. By Cash Pd Do Pasthal 0.14.6 3. By Cash Pd Wm. Fell - Bond 46.13.0 4. By Cash Pd Wm Parker, Bill 29.18.0 5. By Cash Pd Elijah Worrall 4.12.0 6. By Cash Pd Richard Maris 0.10.0 7. By Cash Pd James Maris 0.11.9 8. By Cash Pd Mary Morris 0.1.6 9. By Cash Pd Hugh Travers 1.2.6 10. By Cash Pd Elizabeth Rhoads 0.5.5 11. By Cash Pd Samuel Haverd 1.12.6 12. By Cash Pd Elizabeth Worrall 1.3.0 13. By Cash Pd Wm McClellen 0.5.0 14. By Cash Pd Nathan Yarnall 0.6.9 15. By Cash Pd Seth Worrall 1.6.9 16. By Cash Pd Elisha Worrall 2.18.6 17. By Cash Pd John Cochran 0.17.10 18. By Cash Pd Elizabeth Mason 0.2.4 19. By Cash Pd Jonathan Worrall 1.4.6 20. By Cash Pd Sketchly Morton 0.10.0 21. By Cash Pd Enoch Gorman 0.19.6 22. By Cash Pd Jno. Mason 1.11.0 By Cash Pd Charges Proving the will 1.5.0 By Cash Pd For Council 2.0.0 23. By Cash Pd Henry Lawrence 0.8.3 By Cash Pd Balance due to Joseph Rhoads 12.2.11 By Cash Pd Balance due to Isaac Rhoads 1.11.0 By Cash Pd Mary Woodney 0.2.0 24. By wearing Apparel delivered Thomson & Mason per will 14.9.6 By Cash Pd His daughter Martha per. Will 9.19.0 By Cash Pd Alexr Oliver 0.6.7 By Cash Pd Edw. Humphrey 1.1.3 By Cash Pd John Morton for drawing a Bond 0.1.0 By Cash Pd Expended at Chester 0.5.6 By Cash Pd Peter Taylor 0.4.6 By Cash Pd His Widdow 1/3 of the personal estate after paying debts 00.0.0 [The amount of 00.0.00 is strange, but it is clearly written] By Executors Commisn on 352.16.6 [?] 150.18.3 By Register fees on settling & copy 0.15.0 178.1.1-1/2 Balance to be accounted for 212.19.3-1/2 391.0.5 --------------------------------- Estate Inventory Moses Thomson 1772 Inventory of all singular the rights Credits Goods & Chattels which were of Moses Thomson late of the township of Marple in the County of Chester taken this 20th of the 1Mo. 1772. Bond from Tho. Kennedy 1.0 Bond from Christopher Newphey 1.15 Bond from Francis Smedley 15.10 Note from John Moore 13.0 Wearing apparel 14.9.6 Silver watch 5.0 Feather Bed, bolster 2 pillows & Case curtains, 2 sheets 4 blankets coverlets & bedsted 14.0 Tea teable 1.2.6 Walnut table 2.0 Looking glass 1.1 6 rush bottom chairs 1.2 Arm chair 0.6 China & stoneware 2 drinking glasses 0.15.1 6 silver teaspoons 1.5 4 bottels & stone plates 0.5 4 old silver teaspoons & tea canister 0.4 2 Teapots 0.1 Five Journals in partnership with I. Rhoads 0.7.6 OB? Books 0.5 7 Sheets & bolster cases 2.5 3 table cloths & 8 napkins 1.13.6 Woolen yarn 1-1/2 W? 0.3.6 3-3/4 Flax yarn 0.7 2-1/2 W? Tow yarn 0.2.6 Bed feather bedstead bolster 2 sheets 2 blankets & coverlet 6.0 Womans Pans 0.12 1 Day plates 4 dishes & 4 Basons 2.5 Coffe pot funnel pepper box 2 salts & 4 spoons 0.5.4 Ladle callender & 3 candlesticks 0.2 Pewter tankard 0.4 6 Trenchers 3 cups 2 pans & earthen quart bottle 0.1.6 3 Iron pots & pot hooks 0.18.6 2 Brass kettles 1.0 Tin lanthorn Sheep shears & Slate 0.1 2 Flat iron bake iron & lasey backs 0.13.6 Frying pan 0.5 Stedyard & 1? ware? 5.6 Tea table 0.10 Handsaw drawing knife chisel & gimlet? 0.2 Gun powder, horn powdr & shot 1.5 5 milk pans 0.2 105.3.10 ------------- Bolsters 2 blankets Bed & sheets Bolster covers and rug 3.10 2 Small wheels and Reele 0.10 Big wheel & clothes ladder 0.9 Buckwheat Flax seed & beans 0.9 Bedsted Net & basket 0.5 Old chest Meal dash & churn 0.5 Green P [?] table 3.0 Best Ditto 4.10 Old Ladle 0.2.6 Malt Dry apples & peaches 0.10 2 Bags & market wallet 0.5 Bed [Sick? Or Lick?] 1.10 In a Chest---- 4 curtains 4 vallins 2.10 4 sheets 1.13.6 6 Pillow cases 0.10 1 Table cloth & 8 napkins 1.10 2 Slips & 2 lace gowns 0.17 5 Linen handkerchfs 2 Aprons Bedgown Petticoat & some small pieces of Linen. 0.14 2 Stays 0.15 2 Quilts 1.5 2 Cloaks & Hat 1.5 Safe Guard skirt silk mittens & pin cushion 1.0 4 Gowns & Pocket Book. 2.5 [?] shoes & silver buckles C. H. 0.10.6 Horse whip Needle book black hood Slever trings? Silver thimble Stay hooks & gloves 0.15 6 Pewter plates 0.7.6 3 Razors & straps 0.1.6 Chest 0.2 2 Cords & Hackle 0.2 4 Chairs & Dough trough 0.2 2 Augurs 0.1 9 [?] chains hach shovel & Tongs 0.5 3 Washing tubs 0.7.6 6 Pails & Kedle? 0.5 Barrel Churn & Stand 0.15 Roaps 1.15 Sadle & Bridle 0.8 Salt & Box 0.1.6 Old Iron 0.3 Mattoch & Hoe 0.2.6 3 Axes 0.9 Mawlring & wedger & spade 0.4 Cash with Flax seed & 2 crocks 0.4 Cart Sadle Quilar ? Blind halters Collar & Hames & Belly Band 0.8.6 Blind Halters Collar Hames Pin Chains 0.12 Ditto 0.12 Ditto 0.10 41.15.6 ---------- [?] & Blind Halters & cart backband & whip 0.5 Potatoes 0.10 7 Swingled Flax 0.5 2 Half hogs head Half Barrel & Keg 0.5 5 Earthen pots 0.2 Pot with some Lard 0.3 16 Beehives 0.1.4 Tallow & Candles 0.10 Grindstone & Hangings 0.3.6 Harrow 0.5 Plow, Plow Irons Swingle trees & Clevis? 0.10 Cart 6.0 Hay & Hemp in old barn 0.7.6 2 Pitch forks 3 broken rakes & Dung fork & ladle 0.2.6 Red Cow Spotter face 6.10 Red Cow Counf? Horn 6.0 Black Cow 5.18 Black Cow white face 5.16 Brindl Cow white face 6.12 Red Cow white face 6.0 Red Heffer with Calf 3.15 [?] Cow 4.0 Red Heffer 3.10 Bull 2.5 Buck Horse 9.0 Sorrel Horse 5.0 Black Mare 18.0 Knives Forks & plates 0.2 Walnut Cradle 0.10 6 Pigs 2.15 35-1/2 Bush Wheat in [?] 12.5 66 & [21 ? Dish a ?] Mill 7/4 21.5 Hive of Bees a Isaac Rhoads 0.8 12 Sheep 9.0 Servant Time / Woman 8.8.8 Two Fields of Wheat 25.0 193.7.6 Charles Linn Sword & Affirmd 100.3.10 Nath Holland 13th Feby 1772 Coram 36.15.6 193.7.6 330.6.10 H. H. Graham ------------ Orphans Court Dec 1788 Thomson Chester Co., PA Archives [Page on the left is below, right page follows. Title spans both pages] The Estate of Moses Thomson decst Accd with Joseph and Isaac Rhoads Executors to sd Estate To Taxes and repairs 11.1.11 To Cash paid the Widow her 1/3 for 4 years 49.12.8 To Cash paid ditto cloathing and acct. for three Children for 4 years @ 8 per annum] 96.0.0 To Cash paid Taxes & Repairs for 5 years 19.12.6 To Cash paid the Widow her 1/3 for 5 years 60.2.6 To ditto paid ditto for keeping the 3 children 5 years @ 8 per annum 120.0.0 To Cash paid for schooling 3.13.0 To Cash paid Tax 7.10.0 To ditto paid for Schooling the Children 1.7.6 To ditto paid the Widow for keeping the Children 16.13.4 To Sundry repairs & etc 20.0.5 To Cash paid for keeping the Children 20.15.0 To ditto paid Taxes in 1782 & 1783 22.10.0 To ditto paid for Medicine & etc 4.10.0 To ditto paid for Schooling Martha 3.0.0 To ditto paid for boards 1.8.6 To ditto paid for keeping Martha 5 years 40.0.0 To cash paid for boarding 1 of the Children 1.6.0 To cash paid Quitrent in the Sate of Virginia 11.8.1/2 To cash paid for building and stable & [?] & some taxes 79.10.2 To Continental & Resolve money in their hands 8.9.8 To Commisions on 640 @ 1/2 pct. 9.2.0 To the Courts fees 30p Expence of the house 1.12.11-1/2 3.2.11-1/2 To Balance due 29.3.9 640.0.0 [Right page of document] By 16 Years rent of the Plantation ending March 25th 1788 @ 40 per annum 640.0.0 1788 By Balance due in the Estate 29.3.0 November 14th The foregoing Acct was settled the day and year aforesaid [signatures of] Jno. Pearson Thos Levis Richd H. Morris

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