Peter Thomson - 1747

Peter Thomson Will 10 Sep1747 Transcribed as written by Carole Gardner, Feb 2006. Words in [brackets] are mine; words in (parentheses) are in the original document, as are long dashes. Be it Remembered that upon the Tenth day of September In the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred forty Seven I Peter Thomson of the Township of Marple in the County of Chester and province of Pensilvania Yeoman Being Sick and weak in Body But of Sound & perfect Memory (praised be god) And calling to mind the uncertainty of this life do make and put in writing this my Last will & Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) first I recomend my soul to Almighty God and my body to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors herein after named And as Touching the disposall of such worldly estates the Lord hath been pleased to bestow upon me My will is the same shall be imployd & bestowed as shall be so herein after Mentioned (to Witt) First I will that all my just debts and funeral charges shall be fully payd & discharged And as Touching my House Plantation and Tract of land whereon I now live my will is that my loving wife Margery shall have the privilege to live in the room at the west and there of and firewood & water with free ingress East and regress to and from the same for and during her naturall life if she remains my widow Also I give & bequeath to my said wife one cow the best according to her amongst as shall be mine at my decease also her riding mare [?] & [?] the said cow or such other as she shall keep and also the said mare or any riding horse as she shall keep for her own use are to be kept from time to time on my said plantation without charge to her during the term afform’d. I give and bequeath to my said wife the sum of one hundred [paper torn] and said sum is to be [paper torn] disposall toward her support [paper torn] her [dower?] to whom she in her life find pleaseth to [give her ?] [paper torn] Also my best of feather bead and furniture and case of drawer, but in case she marry then she is to quit the privileges of living in the said house and also the keeping the cow and riding [?] (horse or mare) aforementioned ------------ And until my eldest son Peter attains the full age of twenty one years my will is that the rents and profits of my said plantation be applied towards the maintains and bringing up of my youngest children And after my said son Peter attain the age of afform’d Then I give & bequeath unto him one equal moiety or half part of my said plantation and tract of land thereunto to belonging the same to be divided as near as can be both in quantity and quality (the mothers priviledge not to be debated) To hold the same to him by heirs and assigns forever he or they paying unto his brother John the just sum of forty pounds when he doth attain the full age of twenty one years---------And as touching the other moiety of my said land it is to remain in my executors hands to the use aforesaid until my second son Moses doth attain the full age of twenty one years and then my will is And I give and bequeath the same unto my said son Moses to hold to him his heirs & Assigns forever he or they paying unto his brother John the just sum of forty pounds when he doth attain the full age of twenty one years------Also I give an bequeath unto my daughter Sarah the just sum of forty pounds to be paid to her by my executor when she doth attain the full age of eighteen years-------Also I give and bequeath unto my youngest son Thomas the just sum of eighty pounds to be paid to him by my executors when he doth attain the full age of twenty one years-----Also my will is that my three youngest sons to be bound apprentices to such trades and masters as they with the advice and consent of my said executors shall think most convenient when they attain their respective ages of fourteen years each-----Also my will is that my executors shall give my youngest children good schooling so that they may be capable to read and write the English tongue and arithmatick as far as the Rule of three ------And as touching the remainder of my estate (if any be after my said children is bound out as afform’d) My will is that the same shall be equally divided amongst my said children share and share alike And in case any of my said children shall happen to die before they receive their respective legacies my will is that the legacy or legacies of such so dieing shall be equally divided amongst the survivors share and share alike-----And I do nominate & appoint my said loving wife and my brother Joshua Thomson executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me made and declaring this to be my last will and testament-----I witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this day and year first on [?] & written. Signed Sealed published and Declared Peter Thomson By Peter Thomson this be his last will and Testament in the Sight and presence his mark of us the Subscribers John Worrall Jo. Pearson M. Davies [Illegible sentence follows] [Next to the distinctive signature of M. Davies is an illegible paragraph in which only the words Mirick Davies can be read. The mark of Peter Thomson is an uneven J and the rest of the mark illegible] Filed and Proved 12th Day of October 1747 No. 1061 Chester Co., PA Archives and Record Service Will book B:234 October 12th 1747 Then personally appeared John Worrall and John Pearson & Mirick Davies John Worrall and John Pearson on their affirmations and the said Mirick Davies on his on his do declare that they saw the testator above mentioned sign seal Publish pronounce and declare ….within writing to be the last will and testament and that at the doing the…he was of sound mind and memory to the best of their understanding----- Corum Jo. Parker D.Reg --------------- A True Inventory of the goods chattels & credits of Peter Thomson late of Marple in the county of Chester Yeoman Dec’d Taken the 13th day of October in the year of our Lord 1747 First Wearing Apparel Cash Bonds Bills & Book Acct’s £ 220.7.2 Also Household goods Etc. 22.7.0 Also Impliments of Husbandry & Carpenters tools 7.12.0 Also Corn Hay and flax 37.3.0 Also Cows young Cattle Sheep and Hoggs 27.16.0 Also Horses and Mares 20.0.0 Also Lumber 2.0.0 £ 337.5.2 Appraised at the request of the Executors by us the Subscribers M.Davies [Myrick Davies] John Worrall ----------------- Note: [John Pearson is the brother of Margery Pearson, and Myrick Davies is married to Mary Williamson, who is a 1st cousin of Margery] ------------ Court Records of Chester Co., PA 1747-1761, p. 44. Peter Thompson requests that William Fell be appointed guardian of his two children, Sarah and Thomas. Petition of Peter Thompson, for the court to approve William Fuller [sic] (Fell is correct) To be guardian of the persons and estates of Sarah & Thomas Thompson, two of the children of Peter Thompson, dec’d [Bk 6:45] PA records.

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