Richard Thomson - 1711

Richard Thomson Will 1711 - #195-B [Pennsylvania Wills 1682-1834] We whose names are hereunto subscribed being present with Richard Thomson of Marple in the County of Chester in the province of Pensilvania upon the fourth day of the month called May in the year of our Lord 1711 The said Richard Thomson then being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, his wife Hannah Thomson did then in our presence ask her husband these following questions what whouldst thou have me to do with with (sic) these children, wilt thou have me to keep them together upon what there is, and he says ay to it, and shee further queried of him if shee should have all there wass and bring up the children upon it and he readily said ay and further says if they will bee good children and bee good too their mother they will do wellenuf. In witness where of wee hearunto set our hands the 10th of May in the year of our Lord 1711. John Worrall James Dickin Martha (her mark) Dickin Philadelphia July 10, 1711 then personally appeared before me James Dickin and Martha Dickin John Worrall ---- their solemn affirmation according to law did declare they heard the above named Richard Thomson testator (words unreadable) declared in manner and form as above it exprest. ------------------ Know all men by these presents that we Daniel Williamson of Newtown in Chester County & Hannah Thomson of Marple in Chester County in ye Province of Pensilvania Are held & Firmly bound unto the Honarable Charles Goohin Esq. Lieut. Gov. & Register Generall for the Probate of Wills & Granting Letters of Administration in & for the Province of Pensilvania in the Sum of three Hundred Pounds Current Silver Money of the said Province to be paid to the said Register Generall his certain Attorney Executors Administrations & Assigns to the which payment will & truly to be made we bind ourselves jointly & Severally for & in the whole our heirs Executors & Administrators firmly by this: Pl-ts Sealed with our seals dated the 21st day of July in the Tenth year of the reign of Queen Anne of Great Britain & Anno Dnd 1711. The Condicon of this obligation is such that if the above bounden Hannah Tumson (sic) Admin'ex of all singular the goods & chattels & credits of Richard Tumson dec'd do make or cause to be made, a true & perfect inventory of all singular the goods & chattels & credits of the s'd dec'd which have or shall come to the hand & possession or knowledge of her the s'd Hanna Tumson - or to the hands & possession of any other person or persons for her & the P? to make ? cause to be exhibited unto the Reg'sd office at Philadelphia at or before the before the 12th day of August ----------Next And the same goods Chattles & credits and all other the goods chattels & credits of the s'd dec'd at the time of his death or which at any time after shall come to the hands possession & knowledge of her the s'd Hanna Tumson - or unto the afors'd or possession of any other person or persons for her do well & truly administer according to Law and frther do make & cause to be made a true & just account of her administration at or before the 12th day of September ---------- and all the rest & residue of the s'd goods & chattels & credits which shall be found remaining on the said administrators account the same being first examined & allowed by the Orphans Court of the County of Philadelphia shall deliver & pay to such person & persons respectively as the said orphans court by their decree or Sentence --- to the laws J ? & M?… of assembly of this province in that county made & provided shall limitt? & appoint and if it shall herein after appear that any last will & testament to us made by the said decedent & the Executor or Executors therein named do exhibit in to the reg'l office making request? to know it approved and allowed of accordingly if the said Hannah Thomson bring thereunto required do surrender & deliver up the said letters of administration appointments of such Testament? being first had made in the said office then this obligation to be void or also to remain in full force & virtue. Sealed & Delivered Hannah (her mark) Tumson In the presence of Henry Gough Daniel Williamson ---------------------- An inventory of the estate goods and chattels of Richard Tumson (sic) of Marple in the county of Chester, Blacksmith Deceas't as it was shown too us the appraisers after named this day of July Anno Domi 1711 b Hanna Tumson Administrator of his last will made the 4th of May Anno Domi 1711 To his wearing apparel £ 8.05.00 To five cows and five small heafors £ 18.00.00 To Wheat and Rye In the ground £ 13.90.00 To three mares and a filly colt £ 10.10.00 To a Cart and w --s? £ 07.10.00 To a Plow and Plow irons and horse harness £ 02.12.00 To Smiths tools £ 05.16.00 To 3 mattocks 3 axes and an iron bow £ 1.09.00 To a Grindstone £ 0.00.18 To 3 brass kettles a small scellet and a brass scimmer £02.16.00 To too Iron porsons? Iron Kettle Pot hooks and Rakerons? £ 02.03.00 To a Brand iron backstone and frying pan £ 00.15.00 To a table and a chest £ 03.00.00 To ould bedding £ 03.00.00 To too spinning wheels £ 00.00.16 To five bags £ 01.02.00 To one chest £ 00.00.07 To Pewter dishes and spoons and other old pewter £ 01.09.00 To an ould warming pan and brass candlestick £ 00.00.19 To ould lumber in the house and things unseen and forgotten £0 1.00.10 (P----d ?) £ 86.00.00 Daniel Williamson Henry Lewis Bartholomew Coppock ------ Notes: Richard Thomson and Josiah Taylor were apparently a bit of trouble to the Chester County courts even though each of them were constables in Marple in 1708-1710. Richard was brought to court for beating and abusing Owen MacDeniell. George Pearce, the foreman ordered Richard to appear at the next court. (Court records 1697-1710, Vol. 2. CCHS). In 1697 Richard Thomson and Josiah Taylor are in front of the grand jury and ordered to pay charges and “behave themselves in the future”. In 1699 Richard Thomson is brought back to court for “abusing John Worrall's wife”. However, they must have worked it out as Richard names John Worrell as administrator to his will, assuming it is the same person. --------- Since Richard Sheldon was the father of Mary Sheldon who was the wife of Moses Thomson, this land may be fairly significant since the owner of the same 100 acres was previously Richard Thomson. Lucy Simler’s book, “100 years of Marple” has several maps that are useful: the first one inside the cover shows 100 acres with Josiah Taylor and Richard Thomson names on it. A later map in the book shows the same Richard Thomson land with Joseph Sheldron's name on it. In 1683 Robert Taylor purchased 1000 acres from William Penn. He subdivided it and gave or sold 550 acres to his son Josiah Taylor in 1789, then just before 1700 Josiah sold 100 Acres to Richard Thomson, and Josiah's son Robert got 200 acres. 370 Acres of the larger parcel went to Jonathan Taylor in 1700 and 550 Acres to Henry Lewis in 1711

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