Richard Woodward - 1706

particulars of Richard's will...died 7 day 10 mo, 1705....aged 70 Sept. 6, 1706. Jan. 8, 1706/7. C.45 to wife Jane Woodward...1/2 of the profit that yearly acrues from the plantation where I how live. son Joseph...the other haf of the plantation during his mothers widowhood...and all to him at his mother's death or remarriage. daughter Martha Baker...5 shillings daughter Jane 20 lbs. daughter Sarah 20 lb. eldest son Richard..4 shillings or a pair of gloves. son thomas...4 shillilngs or a pair of bloves. wife Jane and son Joseph to serve as executors. witnesses: Joseph Jarvis, John Worrilaw, James Cooper overseers: sons Richard and Edward

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