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Will of Francis Yarnall, immigrant to Pennsylvania in 1683
Will dated 3rd day of the 4th month (June) 1721.
Chester County Will Book #1, pg 124, Original folder # 131

Copied by Mary Card Yarnell with particular attention to reproducing original spelling.


The third day of the fourth month 1721

In the name of the Lord I Francis Yarnall of Willis town in the County of Chester doe make this my Last will and testament being week of body but of Sound and perfitt memmorry praised be the Lord for it as foloeth viz I bequeth my Soule to the allmyty God and my body to be buried In desent manor as my Execetrix Shall See fitt; in the next place my diseir is that all my Just Debts shall be paid and Discharged with my funerall expences----

Item I give unto my Eldist Son John by Compitation one hundred and fifty acers of land that was part of Thomas Brasies tract of land which my son doth now live one with all his Improvements coming to the Runn that doth ?ile?mpetor Thomas's land be the Same more or less to him his heirs and assignes----

Item I give to my Son Amos his heirs and assignes the remaindor part of the above said tract with the improve-ments the above said Runn being the devishon betwixt my son John and my son Amos being by computation one hundred and twenty four acres of land and my son Amos to have the horse mare and two year auld Coult that he calls his he paying to my Execetrix 10 pounds in one years time after my desese----

Item I give to my Son Joseph all that tract of land lying and being in Springfield to him his heirs and assignes Containing one hundred and twenty acers and three quarters of an acer with all the improvements allsoe one horse 4 year auld and mare and one year auld foult and one Cow which he calls his my Son Joseph paying to my daughter Sara the Sum of thirty pounds that is ten pounds per year the first payment to be paid one year after my decese the second two and the third three year----

Item more I give to my Daughter Sarah two Cows and one mare that she hath at Springfield with the .....Goodes she has there and the sum of twenty pounds to be paid her by my Execetrix to be after named----

Item I give to my Son Mordica if he doth live to the age of one and twenty year one hundred acers of Land with the medowing that is in the upper bottom and the Cleared land the hundred acers to be laid out by the derection of my two sons Peter and Francis my son Mordica helping assisting his mother [till] he atains to the aforesaid age.----

Item I give to my son Daniell the Sum of Sixty pounds if he doth live to the age of twenty one years and work for his mother my Execetrix dureing that time till he doth atain the above said age to be paid by my Execetrix: and my two sons Daniell and Mordica to have that [money?] and her Increse Ecually devided betwixt them when my son Daniell doth Come to the above said age----

Item as for my two sons Peter and Francis I have Given them their Share all Redey and Conveyed it to them by deedes of gift--------

Item I make my dear and Loveing wife my whole and Sole Execetrix and to have this place I now live on and the Remainder of the land I have not dissposed of till my son Amos doth ataine to the age of one and twenty years and then my son Amos to enter on the one half of the Riall Estate that is aloted to be in my wifes poseshon and my wife to hould the other half dureing her naterl life and then my son Amos to have the other half of the last named Reall Estate, and my son Amos to have the mare and her three Coults which he calls his owne.
v Item allsoe I give unto my loveing wife all my househould goodes and Catles* and all my personal Estate that is not above disposed of ------

Item If my Son Mordica should dye before he doth Come to age my will is that my son Daniell shall have [sil?all?] land that I have apynted for Mordica and my wife to have that sixty pound that Daniell is to have [at her?] dissposing It is my will that these above artycles may be fullfild as witness my hand and seal. What land I have given to my sons is to them their Heirs and Assigns

Francis Yarnall
Signed Sealed and delivered
In the Presence of us
George G Smedley
Philip Yarnall
Sarah Smedley

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