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Will of Philip Yarnall, immigrant to Pennsylvania in 1683.
Born in Worcestershire, England
Chester County Will # 516

Copied by Mary Card Yarnell with the original spelling.

The sixteenth day of the sixth month Called August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty three I Philip Yarnall of Edgmond in the County of Chester and province of Pencilvania yeoman being ould and other alings and Calling to mind the uncertainty of this life and the mortelity of my body and knowing that it is appointed for men once to die do make and ordain this my Last will and testemant that is to say principelly and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of the great God that gave it and my body I recommend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian Like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named and as touching my worldly Estate the Lord hath been pleased to bless me with in this Life I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form

first I give unto my son John Yarnall five shilings for he hath had his portion before

2dly I give unto my son Philip Yarnall five shilings for he hath had his portion before

3dly I give and bequeath unto My Son Job Yarnall all my Land in Redly township with all the buildings and improvemants and all that thereunto belonging to him his Heirs and assigns for Ever my Son Job paying Eighty pounds lawfull money to my Daughter Mary Yarnall one half at the age of Eighteen and the other half at the age of twenty Job haveing the Corn that is at Redley when my will is proved towards paying his sister Marys portion

4thly I give unto my daughter Sarah Ellis ten pounds of lawfull money and to her husband Evan Ellis that which he oweth me upon book:

5thly I give unto my Son Thomas Yarnall all the land I bought of Jacob Minshall and that which was John Gouldings which John Boyd dec Live at and that which Christopher Grimes now Lives at with all the appurtenants thereunto belonging to him his hairs and assigns for Ever and allso I give unto my Son Thomas twenty pounds of lawfull money besides the Land to be paid out of my Estate:

6thly I give and bequeth all the remaining part of that tract of Land that was Worrilows unto my Son Nathan Yarnall his hairs and assigns for Ever

7thly I give unto my Daughter Rebekah Yarnall Eighty pounds of good and lawfull money of this Province to be paid by my Exacators out of my Estate:

8thly I give and bequath unto my son Samuel Yarnall this plantation I live at with all the appurtenances to him his hairs an assigns for Ever onely I resarve for my deer and loving wife Dorothy Yarnall during her natural life or till She doth marry a husband the two [noreast?] rooms that is the room we be in and the room over it and libarty in the Seller and vault and my Son Samuel and famaly if any he may have same priviledg in the vault and Seller and way to it and all So to her my deer and loving wife one horse and one Cow as long as She remains a widow and it is my will that my wife shall have the two duch children George and Marget at her disposal and to have two barrals of sider and two of water sider a year when the orchard hits and She at the place allso it is my will that my son Samuel shall find my wife fire wood and hall it for his mother ... geting it cut and She to have liberty at the other fire when She hath none in her own room and also liberty to pass and repass to the upper room and for the maneging of this my estate I do hereby Constitute make and ordain my Deer and loving wife Dorothy Yarnall and my loving Son Philip Yarnall my onely and Sole Exacutors of this my will and testemant and do hereby give them full and lawfull power and authority to grant convay and confirm all or any Part of my Esstate Either rail or parsenel and their convayance Shall be taken deemed and acknedged as good and valuable In law to all intents and purposes whatsoever as if I had in my Lifetime had convayed the same and allso to let sell or dyspose of my house and lot at Chester and my medowing in viz[:] Jarsey or any part of it and when my Just debts and funeral Expences and Legacies paid and discharged my deer wife to have the rest of my Estate to dispose of to her Children paying Philip for his trouble in witness hareof I have set my hand and seal the day and year first above writin Signed Sealed and published in the presence of us the Subscribers : viz let my wareing apparral be parted among my sons and compenderd and husband my tools Philip Yarnall

Thomas Smedley
John Cheyney
Matthew Hopkins . [Hopkisn?] ye 20th May 1734

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