October 20, 1775. April 2, 1787.

"Being about to take a voyage from hence beyond the seas to Great Britain"

Provides for wife Mary, including plantation containing about 100 acres until son Aaron is 24, when all estate is to be sold and equally divided among wife and all children, daughters Mary and Sarah excepted, sons at 21 and daughters at 18.

To sons Aaron and John the 2 volumes of that worthy Friend Isaac Pennington and my large Bible.

Remainder of books to be divided between my 6 daughters.

To daughter Mary 5 and to her 4 children now born 10.

To daughter Sarah 30.

Executors: Friends Thomas Sugar, Jr. of W. Bradford, Aaron Baker, Jr., W. Marlboro.

Letters to Baker.

Wit: Jacob Wright, Caleb Jackson.

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