CHAMBERLIN, MARY, widow. Concord.

November 21, 1750/1. October 31, 1751. C. 315.

To daughter Susanna, wife of John Pyle 15 and to her children, viz.,Jacob, William, Ebenezer, Stephen and Israel 10 shillings

and to her daughters Mary, and Susanna 20 shillings each.

To the 5 children of son Robert, viz.,

to Robert 3,

to John 20 shillings,

to Susanna, wife of Jacob Yearsley, 50 shillings.

To granddaughter Mary, wife of Joseph Sharpless 6.

To grand-daughter Susanna, wife of John Griste 5.

To granddaughter Hannah, wife of Robert Pennell articles named.

To grandson Benjamin Chamberlain 20 shillings.

To granddaughter Mary Baker 3

and to her brother John Chamberlain 50 shillings

and to her other 2 brothers William and Isaac 3 each

and to their sister Ann 5 shillings.

Remainder to son Joseph Chamberlain, also Executor.

Test signed M.

Wit: John Newlin, William Trimble, Samuel Sharpless.

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