Daniel Cornog

CORNOG, DANIEL. Willistown.January 9, 1799: March 16, 1802.To David Jones, minister at Baptist Church in the Great Valley 25.To John Boggs, now minister of the Baptist Church in the Welsh Tract 25. To Joshua Vaughan, now minister of the Baptist Church at Brandywine 25. To Thomas Freeson, now minister of Baptist Church at London Tract 25. To Sarah Llewellin and her daughter Hannah Llewellin 10 each. To Jonathan Jones, who formerly lived with me, 5.To Benjamin Robson 5. To James Demsey 10. To James Bright 10.To Edward Kelly one half of the money he owes me.To my niece Hannah Forest 150. To Catharine Davis 150.To Anne Cornog 150. To Elizabeth Cornog 150. To Jane, wife of Sampson Davis 150. To Sarah, daughter of Isaac Abrahams, 150 at 21. To my wife's niece Sarah, wife of Dr. Davis of Charlestown, 50.To Daniel, son of John Cornog 150 at 21, with rev. to his brother Thomas. To Daniel Cornog, son of Thomas, and grandson of brother William, 25 at 21, with rev. to David, son of Isaac Abraham.Provides for wife Sarah. To sister Sarah Francis (wife of Thomas) 35. To Sarah Bean now living with me 150 at 21. To Daniel Davis, son of sister Mary 150. To Daniel Cornog, son of William, deceased, a tract of land in Easttown containing 12 acres. To Daniel Abrahams, son of Isaac Abrahams and my sister Jane, the messuage and tract of land which I now live on, containing 250 acres, subject to certain legacies. To David Cornog, son of Thomas Cornog, the tract of land on which he now lives in Willistown, containing 100 acres; he paying 25 to each of his sisters, Hannah Forest, Catharine Davis, Elizabeth Cornog and Jane Davis. Gives 30 towards building a house on the farm belonging to the Baptist Church in the Great Valley, and 100, the interest of which shall be applied for preaching the Gospel in that Church; and orders tombstone for his grave. Executors: John Cornog, Isaac Abrahams, William George. Wits.: Abraham King, Joseph King.

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