David Cornog

CORNOG, DAVID. Radnor.January 20, 1780.To executors for use of Baptist Meeting House in Tredyffrin 50. To son William 30 acres of land whereon he now lives during life and at his death to my grandson David Cornog. To grandson John Cornog all my land in Bedford Co., about 100 acres. To each of 4 sons, William, Thomas, Daniel and Abraham 150. To my 4 daughters, Catherine [married George George], Sarah [married Thomas Francis], Mary [married John Davis], Jane [married Isaac Abraham], plantation whereon I now live, containing 180 acres, also 100, etc. each. To granddaughter Hannah Cornog furniture. Remainder equally divided. Executors: Daughter Jane, son Daniel, son-in-law George George. No record of probate or letters.Wit: Jacob Beery, Nathan Matlack, Simon Matlack.Account filed by Daniel Cornog, George George, Jane Abraham. See account of agreement filed. The daughters executed deeds of partition on June 12, 1781.

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