David Correy - 1788

CORREY, DAVID. New London.April 24, 1786. February 27, 1788. Letters June 23.To son Robert, son and daughter David Mackey and wife Agnes, son and daughter Joseph Fury and wife Elizabeth, son and daughter John Watson and wife Mary, 5 shillings each. To granddaughter Susanna Mackey 8 at 15. To granddaughter Susanna Fury 18. To grandson and granddaughter David and Elizabeth Fury 8 each at 18. To granddaughter Susanna Watson 8 at 14. To 2 sons David and George, plantation I now live on in New London, containing 300 acres. David to have the south end and George the north end, where the buildings now sanding, he paying to David 50. Remainder to David and George, also executors. Letters to George, the other being absent. Wit: George Campbell, John Menough.

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