Elizabeth Freeman

FREEMAN, ELIZABETH. West Bradford.November 27, 1748/9. March 20, 1748/9. C. 112.To Susanna Freeman a tract of land containing 12 acres purchased of Thomas Stubbs. To Nathan Freeman the right of the plantation he now lives on until such time as the heirs mentioned in Peter Collins' will shall come and demand the same. To brother, William Buffington 15. To John Freeman 5 in cattle. To sister Hannah Dean, to cousin Mary Dean, sister Lydia Martin, cousins Mary and Betty Martin, sisters Mary Turner, Phebe Buffington, Susanna Hanson and Damson Quaintance, articles of wearing apparel. Directs executors to assign William Lee to James Wickersham until he is 16. To Samuel Freeman a bed. To Jude Barnard, George Fox's Doctrinal Books. Executors: Nathaniel Freeman and Thomas Sheward. Letters to Freeman, Sheward renouncing.Wit: Isaac Vernon, James Marshall, Ealse Buffington.

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