John Freeman

FREEMAN, JOHN. West Bradford. February 25, 1748. May 4, 1748. C. 5. To wife Elizabeth all estate, she paying legacies. To son Nathaniel, Bible and articles of wearing apparel. To son John 5 in cattle. To son Samuel wearing apparel. To son in law Jeremiah Barnard, my hand saw, and to his wife my daughter, Judith an auger and broad axe. To William Lee and Sarah Keetch at expiration of apprenticeship, one ewe each. To William Keech in right of his deceased wife my daughter, Sarah, 5 shillings. Executrix: Wife Elizabeth. Wit: Susanna Stanson, John McCarty, Thomas Edmunds Sr., Thomas Edmunds Jr. [Codicil: February 26, 1748.]

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