January 19, 1768. January 30, 1769.

Provides for wife Lydia.

To son Isaac 160 acres part of the plantationwhereon we formerly lived in Brandywine Hundred, the est end[ing]thereof paying 50 to my Executors.

Refers to his brother John having 60 acres left him during life by his father "and then to fall into my Estate."

To son Samuel, all my plantation in Kennett whereon I now dwell purchased of Jos. Harlan and John Clark ,at 21, paying 50 to my Estate.

Son-in-law Thos. Robinson to have two lotts in Wilmington purchased of Esther Bishop.

Remainder of land to be sold.

Makes provision for a child expected to be call John if a male or Hannah if female.

Remainder divided between daughters Jemima Robinson, Prudence, Mary, Rachel, Rebecca, Charity, Sarah and Lydia Grubb as they come of age.

Executors: Wife Lydia and brother-in-law Richard Baker of West Bradford.

Wit: Adam Redd, Moses Mendenhall, Thos. Gibson.

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