HAYES, NATHAN. West Marlborough.

May 7, 1818 & April 22, 1820. April 22, 1823.

To my 3 nephews James, Elisha & Nathan Baker my plantation on Brandywine Creek in E. Fallowfield, which I purchased of Moses Coates.

To my niece Ann, wife of Levi Baker, Jr. the plantation I live on, with part of the mill tract; also part of the Indian field tract, cont. 133 acres and a piece of woodland in W. Fallowf'd.

To my nephew Levi Baker, Sr. rem. of Indian Field tract.

To nephew Abishai Clark the land &c., where he lives with slitting mill &c., also $1500 out of what he owes me.

To my nephew James Clark the mill & premises he now occupies; also 15 acres of woodland.

To my nephew Joshua Baker part of the Davis Mill tract, inc. mansion.

To nephew Aaron Baker rem. of Davis Mill tract.

To my 2 nephews James and Evan Jones my plantation now occupied by Jason Davis; also 30 acres of land in Londonderry.

To nephew Thomas Clark $5000 out of what he now owes me.

To 2 nephews Hayes Clark & Thomas Storde $5000 each.

To my 9 nieces, Maria Ogle, Sarah Meredith, Rachel Bentley, Sarah Wiley, Mary Way, Rachel Baldwin, Lydia Babb, Hannah Harlan and ElizabethCresson $1000 ea.

To Jason Davis $1500.

To Dinah, wife of John Passmore $1000.

To Abisha Ottey $1000.

To my niece Sarah Whitaker $100, deducting what her late husband owes me.

To my December'd. nephew John Baker's 3 children $150 ea.

To John B. Hannum's 2 children $150 ea.

To my housekeeper Rachel Holllingsworth $300.

To niece Mary Miller $1000, after deducting what her husband owes me.

Rem. to nephews James Baker, Abisha & Hayes Clark & Thomas Strode.

Executors: Nephews James Baker and Abishai Clark.

Wits: James Smith, Isaac Broomell.

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