JONES, RICHARD. East Bradford.

June 24, 1807: August 10, 1808.

To wife Ann plantation in East Bradford during life; also 400 and all household goods.

To sister Ruth Hayes my plantation in Londonderry, containing about 87 acres, now in tenure of Peter Mulberry.

To Elisha Baily and Hannah, his wife, my other plantation inLondonderry, containing about 240 acres, now in tenure of George Bird, paying to Samuel Breckinridge and William Henry Baker 25 each.

To Mary Carter, Elizabeth Carter and Rachel Carpenter and John Worth myother plantation in Londonderry, containing about 50 acres, now in tenure of Margery Passmore.

To my nephew James Jones & his wife Ann my plantation in E. Bradford where I reside, at wife's decease, paying to his sisters Mary, and Sarah 40 each.

To nephew Reuben Hayes 150.

To James Millison 100.

To Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Buffington 30.

To Jane, daughter of John Courtney 25.

To Margaret Watson, Sr. and Margaret Watson, Jr., 15 each.

To Abraham Woodward, Darius Minks and John McNelly 10 each.

To William Stephens 6.

To Joseph Ingram 30 in trust for the schooling of poor children under care of Bradford Meeting.

Executors to sell house and lotts in West Chester and divide remainder of estate among the following persons: William Woodward, John Woodward, Joseph Woodward, Jas. Woodward, Eli Woodward, Abram Woodward, James Underwood, Joseph Thornbury, John Young, Richard Millison, Robert Thornbury and his daughter Mary Pennock, and John Butler, Jr., son of John Butler.

Executors: Nephew James Jones and Elisha Baily.

Wits.: Moses Baily, Abraham Baily.

Will contested and a verdict in favor of its validity August 10, 1808.

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