KEY, ELIZABETH, widow of Moses. Aston.

October 15, 1758. February 3, 1759.

To granddaughter Rebecca Key, daughter of my daughter Ann Key all household goods and 50 at 18.

In case she dies before reaching that age, legacy to go to granddaughter Hannah Sharpless, daughter Lete's, grandchildren by Joseph Baker and son Moses.

To son Moses bond I hold against him for 10.

To granddaughter Mary, wife of Andrew McCoy 20 shillings.

To granddaughter Rebecca, wife of Richard Patton 1 shilling.

To grandson Allen, son of William Key 5 shillings.

To great-granddaughter Lettice, daughter of Joseph Baker deceased 10 shillings.

To son in law John Sharpless riding shay.

Executors: Son in law John Sharpless and James Lindsay.

Witnesses: David Johnson, Abraham Martin, John

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