Jacob Longacre

LONGACRE, JACOB. Coventry.February 13, 1795. June 7, 1795.To eldest son Jacob my plantation whereon I live in Coventry, containing 275 acres, paying to my youngest son Peter 1/2 the value thereof. To sons Jacob and Peter the plantation I bought of Joel Martin and William Rees, in Charlestown, containing about 123 acres. To daughter Salome Blimm 400. To daughters Mary Wisler, Esther Rhodes and Magdalen Rooten 400 each. To daughter Susanna Brower 20 shillings and 200 in trust for her use, the principal to be paid her if she survives her husband. Executors: Sons Jacob and Peter.Wit: Christian Swarts James Brooke, Simon Meredith.

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