MASSEY, LEVI. Willistown.

August 20, 1810: November 24, 1810.

To son George the tract of land whereon I now live, containing 18.4 acres; tract ... containing 5 acres, 6 perches also about 15 acres of woodland; being the same 3 tracts of land devised to me by my father Thomas Massey; he paying to son William 200.

To son John about one acre of land adjoining where he lives and 15.

To son Thomas the plantation bought of Daniel Massey, in Willistown containing 57 acres;

paying to daughter Sarah Baker 80,

and to daughters Mary and Phebe Massey 100 each;

also to said daughters 60 each out of the personal estate.

To son William 35, &c.

Remainder to 7 children, George, Thomas, Sarah, Mary, John, William and Phebe.

Executors: Sons George and Thomas Massey.

Wits.: Elijah Lewis, Joseph Massey, Joseph Massey, Jr.

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