Jonathan Matlack

Jonathan Matlack inherited the homestead,in Goshen,and continued to live there.About 1803 he erected the "Spread Eagle" tavern at the N.W.corner of Gay and Walnut streets,West Chester,but never occupied it himself. The will of Jonathan Matlack,of West Goshen,is dated March 23,1828,of which the following is a synopsis:To son George S Matlack,my plantation, lately purchased from the executors of William Hayman,partly in Willistown and partly in Edgmont,containing about 234 acres;also $300 to better enable him to stock it,and twenty shares of stock in Bank of Chester county:To daughter Mary M Matlack my messuage,storehouse and about 29 acres in Easttown,ten shares of bank stock,some household goods,and $1,500 to be paid by son George out of his land:To son Isaiah R Matlack my tavern house in West Chester with the land belonging thereto,21 acres in the fork of the Philadelphia and Boot Roads,tanyard and 11 acres,70 perches in West Goshen,a lot of 3 acres in West Chester, 4 acres,88 perches of woodland in West Goshen,and ten shares of stock in U.S.Bank:To son William P Matlack the homestead in West Goshen, containing 117 acres,53 perches,a tract adjoining of 50 acres,89 perches 28 acres on south side of Philadelphia Road,two lots in West Chester,and twenty shares of stock in Bank of Chester County.

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