McNEIL. WILLIAM. West Marlborough.

January 14, 1823. June 9, 1823.

To wife Sarah, during life, plantation I now live on: at her December to be sold and proceeds divided among my 5 children, William, Lewis, Jemima, Sarah, and Lavina.

To son William part of my land, as described, cont. 22 acres; also privilege of limestone quarry for 10 years; also use of saw mill for 12 years.

To my 3 daus., Jemima, Sarah and Lavina McNeil, all rem. of my real estate; they paying to dau. Ann Baker interest of $800 during life, and principal to her children;

also paying to my dau. Mary Baker, $100,

and to her 3 children, Sarah, Jehu & Aaron $100 each.

Executors: Son William McNeil and Maris Taylor.

Wits: Elisha Baker, Thomas Vandiver.

Letters to Taylor, the son renouncing.

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