Thomas Mercer - 1715

MERCER, THOMAS. Thornbury.March 17, 1715. September 13, 1716. A. 40.Provides for wife Mary. To eldest son Thomas after wifes deceaseor marriage, my new dwelling plantation containing my estate 238 acres. To son Thomas, son Daniel 1/2 of 500 acres of land inMarlborough which lieth next to Nathl Newlins land. To son Joseph the other 1/2 said 500 acres whereon son Thomas now lives. To my 3 daughters, viz Mary, Elizabeth and Ann, 20 each. To sons in lawn Wm. Pennil, Joseph Woodward and Joshua Peirce one pistole each. Remainder of moveables to wife and son Thomas.Executors: wife Mary.Witnesses: Francis Pullen, Thomas Pierson, Rose Pierson.

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