Samuel Painter

PAINTER, SAMUEL. East Bradford.August 3, 1800: December 22, 1801.To son James my plantation in E. Bradford purchased of James Collier, cont. about 118 acres, with about 42 acres of my other land adjoining, he paying to my grandaughter, Esthr Tate, 100.To son Joseph about 70 acres of land whereon I now dwell, adjoining Brandywine Creek; also 10 acres of other land, he paying to my daughter Lydia Baily 100. To son Samuel all remaining of land in E. Bradford about 190 acres, paying to my daughter Lydia Baily 500, and to granddaughter Esther Tate 50. Executors: Sons James, Joseph and Samuel Painter. Wits.: Gideon Gilpin, Isaac G. Gilpin, Abraham Darlington.

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