PASSMORE, JOHN. W. Marlborough.

May 12, 1791. May 23, 1791.

To son Ellis all my lands, etc. situate on the north side of my forge,

also 1/2 part of my forge or iron works, with the land I had of my father,

paying to daughter Margaret 50

and my 5 next eldest daughters, Margery, Hannah, Mary, Lydia and Phebe 125 each as they attain 21 years.

To son George, when 21, the land I purchased of Thomas Maguire, containing about 145 acres,

also 1/2 of forge and other land, he paying to my 2 youngest daughters Sarah and Elizabeth 125 each when 21.

Executors: Brother George Passmore, brother-in-law Jeremiah Barnard, Jr., son Ellis.

Wit: Michael Harlan, Aaron Baker, Joshua Pusey.

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