PENNOCK, JOSEPH. Londongrove.

September 21, 1799. December 18, 1800.

Provides for wife Phebe, including all that she hath by virtue of the Will of Adam Kirk, also Bond of 50 I hold against her son Caleb Kirk.

To son Jesse tract of land in Londongrove, adjoining that whereon he lives, containing 100 acres and tract in E. Marlborough, containing 30 acres, also lot in Wilmington, Delaware.

To son Isaac 300 and his Bond for 810.

To daughter Hannah, wife of John Edwards, 100.

To grandson Joshua Baker 150.

To grandson Joseph Pennock my mansion house and adjoining land, bought of Joseph Pyle, containing 100 acres, also 20 acres of that I bought of Caleb Pyle, at wife's decease.

To granddaughter Sarah Wollaston 100.

To grandsons Abraham Liddon and Casper Wistar Pennock all my 1/3 part of the 500 acres of land, situate above the upper Ferry on Schuylkill.

To Londongrove Meeting 100 for use of poor, also 100 to said Meeting for school purposes.

Remainder to son Jesse and the children of son George, deceased, Abraham Liddon, Casper Wistar, Mary Liddon, Sarah and Isabella Pennock, their grandfathers Abraham Liddon and Casper Wistar to be guardians for them.

Executors: Son Jesse, friend William Moode, great-grandson Joseph Pennock.

Wit: Joshua Pusey, John Pennock.

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