John Price - 1773

Wills of Chester County Pennsylvania 1766-1778, abstracts of Jacob Martin, 1995, 1999, FamilyLine Publications and WillowBend Books, Westminster, MD p.71

PRICE, JOHN. Lower Chichester. December 12, 1770. December 13, 1773. Provides for wife Elizabeth. To daughter Ann wife of Robert Eyre use of my plantation in Brandywine Hundred containing about 100 acres during life of her husband and then to her and her heirs. To son Samuel plantation whereon I now live in Chichester consisting of several contiguous tracts containing in the whole about 100 acres with grist and saw mills, also plantation adj. bought of Jno. Pierce containing about 80 acres. To daughter Hannah Price 900. To daughter Sarah Price 900 at 21 or marriage. To son John all that tract of land in Lower Chichester purchased of Thomas Clayton containing 32 3/4 acres and lot of woodland containing 2 acres, also messuage and lot in Chichester at wife's decease, also 900 at 21. To daughter Elizabeth 700 at 21 or marriage. To my sister Sarah Price 25. Remainder to Hannah, Sarah, John and Elizabeth. Rev. Geo. Craig guardian of 2 youngest children, John and Elizabeth. Executors: Friend Elisha Price and son John. Wit: John Smith, Richard Riley, Levi Lloyd.

Wills of Delaware County, Pennsylvania 1789-1835, compiled by Robert G Swift, 1998, FamilyLine Publications, Westminster, MD p.55

PRICE, JOHN, Esq., Lower Chichester. December 12, 1770 - [See below.] Wife Elizabeth, children: Ann EYRE, Samuel, Hannah, Sarah, (minor), John (minor), Elizabeth, (minor), sister Sarah PRICE, Rev. Geo. CRAIGE to be guardian of John and Elizabeth. House and lot in town of Chester purchased of Richard LAWRENCE adjacent to James ROWAN'S land to wife during life. Plantation in Brandywine Hundred, New Castle County, adjoining Naaman's Creek to dau. Ann, wife of Robert Eyre (not subject to control of her husband), and to her children. To son Samuel, the home farm purchased of Charles NORRIS, John CLOUD and Moses MOORE, with grist mill, saw mill and extension to river Delaware purchased of John PIERCE. To John the LAWRENCE parcel, the Thomas CLAYTON tract to lines of Elisha PRICE, Hannah and Adam CLAYTON, woodland bought of Richard LAWRENCE; also legacies to Hannah, Sarah, John and Elizabeth. Exrs: Friend Elisha PRICE and son Samuel PRICE. Wits: John SMITH, Richard RILEY and Levi LLOYD. The docket gives this as from a certified copy from the Chester County Docket, the original being lost. Certified September 20, 1784. Letters of administration granted to John CROZER April 27, 1802. #202.

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