Job Rushton - 1784

RUSTON, JOB. Oxford. January 17, 1784. February 1, 1785.To wife Edith the 300 agreed upon by our marriage contract, etc. and 200 over and above. To son Thomas all the lands I live upon containing 425 acres with mill and 40 acres adjoining, and the 1/2 of my tract in Penns Manor, being 218 acres, paying to my executors 3000 (if my son Thomas comes to America). Land to be sold if son does not make the payments specified. To daughter Sarah 5. To daughter Louisa 200, also 3 slaves. To daughter Elizabeth 5 and 3 slaves. Of the remainder of my estate 1/10 to daughter Sarah, 1/10 to son Thomas and the remaining 8/10 to be divided equally between son John and daughters Louisa and Elizabeth. To Thomas Love and James Boyd 100 in trust for support of minister at Faggs Manor. Mentions son-in-law John Evans Finley.Executors: Wife Edith, Friends Robert Wallace of Newark, Delaware, Major John Ramsey of Londonderry, James Gilliland of Oxford.Letters to the 3 first named, Gilliland renouncing.Wit: James Strawbridge, Samuel Finney, Joseph Strawbridge.

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